​​​​News Update

7/13/17 Hello Everyone,

          Just a fast update for everyone!  The new birds are doing well have brought in over 60 in the last 2 days alone,

taking the total to 260 plus, have had to treat very few birds for health issues and the few I have have treated have came right back around. The second group is outside so about 170 loft flying know.

Plan on getting a hand inventory to see what is missing for sure I have just a few not in the clock so almost all of the second group settled well. Will let the owners of the missing know so they can send replacements if they have them.

Will update you as soon as the next inventory is done

Thanks Kenny

7/3/17 Hello Everyone,

             Almost Everyone should have received your checks. I have a couple left to mail out today and 

last years Races will be history.

For those of you that have free perches coming and want to know how many you have. There are free perches

for all birds with paid perches that didn't get listed In Wincompanion last year. To see if your bird was here or not just go into birds and lost birds if they aren't in either you have a free perch. any questions just call me at 208-329-0364  

if I'm busy I will call you back.

Everything has been going really smooth so far for the new birds. I have received over 175 the first month with over

2 months to bring in birds, I will take birds until September 16th.  Fees are the same as last year.  Perch fees:

Less than 6 birds is $100 each and 6 and over are $90 Each Entry fees are $150 after the 125 mile activation race.

I just completed a hand inventory of Group 1 the birds out and flying  there were 85 in this group and as of this morning 81 are still here and out and flying. the current list is loaded in Wincompanion under training!!!

All birds are still here in the second group.

​Thanks Kenny

6/22/17 Hello Everyone

       Have sent out all the birds that I believe everyone wanted, have a couple to go to Idaho and Utah will keep the remaining for a little longer just in case.

Have most of the figures together and will work on getting everything completed next week and checks mailed!

Will be busy at the Dairies the next several days!

The birds for the 2018 race are looking good have not had to deal with any health problems to this point.

Have received 100 so far and more coming in tomorrow.

Transferred all the information to the clock for the 2018 race birds and just finished going through the birds 2 times to make sure all bands were working and correct! There are 98 of the 100 here. contacted both of the owners of the 2 birds 

They are listed in Wincompanion in the Race Category will activate the clock tomorrow and the 85 birds that are in the fly pen will clock as they come back in during the day. The group of 85 will be moving over to the next section and going outside sometime this next week.  I have 10 antenna's set up with 4 in the fly pen and 6 for the birds returning from outside so will be able to clock the birds as they move to the new section.

Thanks Kenny

6/16/17 Hello Everyone

        Congratulations to the Winners at 380 miles, McLaughin loft  and Ray Sackett

and for George Scott for Winning Average Speed this year. 

There were several very elite birds in this years Teams

I shipped about half of the birds out Wednesday and will ship the remaining out the first of the week. 

Let me no if you want your birds back have heard from most if you have winnings here I will take shipping from there

if you don't have prize money here I need postage then I will ship your bird. I would like to have them gone very soon,

I need to finish cleaning disinfecting and repainting the remaining sections of the loft for new birds.

We are working on getting payouts together will need a tax Id numbers from a few if you made over $600.

I do have your information if you won here in previous years.

We have started taking in new birds there are 88 already here. Everything is going well with them, have my 20' by 20'

fly pen up and the birds going in and out getting settled and learning how to trap. 

The new birds are added to  Wincompanion  they are currently mixed with the yearlings on the list and you can view them there.

Thanks Kenny

6/8/17 Good Morning,

       Everything is a go for Saturday. Weather  forecast have been changing all week and we are back to Saturday being a good day to fly The temp of the course for the birds will be in the high 60's and low 70's for the complete day we are looking at Sunny throughout the course. The winds are South West , South or West throughout the course.

It should be a fairly fast race on Saturday. It will be a much easier day for the birds to fly in!

Birds have come together and are ready to go! They will stay in now until the race to rest and fuel there tanks.

I know we are a long way from everyone but you are more than welcome to come to our place and enjoy the race.

As Always my wife will be fixing lots of great home cooked food for everyone to enjoy !

Thanks and Good Luck Saturday!

 The King Family

6/4/17 Hello Everyone,

     Congrats to the owners   DWI 62 AU 16 &  CCC 1373 IF 16  the first drop of a tough 300 miles with warmer temps than the birds have been used to and a 12-13 MPH head wind the later part of the course.

There is a super group of birds remaining here at the loft!!!  There is a good chance the 300 may turn out to be a tougher race than the 380 mile race this coming weekend June 10th. (Weather looks good at this point for the race will update you as we get closer). Birds are coming together after a tough 300. just 4 or 5 having a though time coming together. 

The new payouts are posted on the website in payouts.

I have visited with Terry Gilmore and this year I will be able to add new birds coming in to Wincompanion as they arrive before I had to remove all info from the previous year before I could start adding. He will remove the 2016 birds later on and making things much easier on my end. Have already added the new birds that have arrived and will enter them in a  extra clock so all I have to do is transfer data to the main clock when this season is over. Ready for my son Corey and his wife Jacqlyn to get here (Will be nice having good help here at the loft) it looks like it will be the first of August before they will be moving back to Idaho.  

Thanks Kenny

5/27/17 Hello Everyone,

      Everything looks good for Monday, It is going to be in the low 80's for only the second time this year. It should be fairly cool on most of the race course as it is over 6000 ft in Elevation all the way through Nevada . Just finished putting the birds in the clock and they handled great and are ready to go.  There are 2 birds that were lost some time ago and have returned  and  are OK to be shipped  HICA 730 and TENT 6385 If they do well I will cover there entry as they were not here when the owners paid for there other birds.

I do have a small group that I have not received entry on. If you want your bird to be able to win prize money they need to be paid for before the race. The only option is my paypal account at kennypigeons@hotmail.com. If you have any questions you can contact me tomorrow, I will be working on the Dairies but will try and keep my phone with me.

I will be hauling the birds out tomorrow night and over half of the drive in Nevada has no Phone service!

email or text are best but phone if needed email address is mentioned above and telephone is 208-329-0364

I have started receiving birds for next year.   I have a little more work to do  but will have 200 of my perches ready during this next week to hold new birds and more in the following weeks.

Thanks and good Luck Monday Kenny

5/23/17 Hello Everyone,

        Congrats to the owners of the first drop of 19 birds at 200 miles. Birds are looking very good after the first race at 200 miles. will get them out to Jackpot the next few days. Trying to get the rest of the race schedule figured out Plans are to  do the 300 mile race this next Monday May 29th as long as the weather is good. and the 380 mile race will be set for June 10th.  Still have to get through the remaining entry payments then will get you a rough draft of the payouts

Thanks Kenny

5/18/17 Hello Everyone,

   Everything is a go for the first race of the season tomorrow it should be a good day to fly! The last weather reports I pulled up say it should be sunny and clear with light head winds the first part of the course then changing to light side winds the middle of the course with light tail winds when they get back into Idaho. The birds are looking great!

There is one bird that I have messed up on and can't find  the owner on it is a BC cock # AU AA 36784 Let me know if he is yours he is a nice bird! Plan on releasing at 7 A.M. Mtn time.

Thanks And Good Luck Tomorrow Kenny

5/15/17 Hello Everyone,

      The Birds are coming together and getting close to being ready for the first race at 200 miles.

We have a storm coming in tomorrow with rain and possible snow so training may not happen tomorrow.

As of right now the best 2 days to fly are Friday and  Saturday I am hoping to take the birds out Friday if Weather looks good trough out the course. Make sure and get your entry Fees on the way. I don't ask for entries to be payed on birds that returned on the 2nd day from 125 until they return to the satisfaction of the owner from 200 miles.

Thanks Kenny

5/10/17 Hello Everyone,

          Well it's the beginning of the 7th season taking the birds out to there first 125 mile Race. Birds are loaded in the clock and in Wincompanion in the Race position They look and handled great.

I did pull 3 of the late arrivals will set them up for the 200 and give there owners the option to activate them then the same is for the birds that come home the second day from this 125 mile toss. Everything home tomorrow has the

activation fee of $150 due. Weather looks good for tomorrow a little warmer than it has been but great weather to fly  birds in. Just finished loading birds will get a few few hours sleep before taking them out.

Good luck Everyone!!!

Thanks Kenny

5/9/17 Hello Everyone,

     The birds are looking very good so planning on going out with them Thursday to 125 Mile activation race at Ruby Junction it is about 25 miles south of Wells, Nevada.  Weather looks good at this point but will check the weather

forecast again tomorrow before heading out with the birds.  Will be releasing at 7am  will update you again tomorrow

Thanks Kenny

5/7/17 Hello Everyone,

     Finally have the birds coming to form they are looking great. The cocks and hens are separated  in the loft now it is the only way they have a chance of resting and rebuilding there bodies to preform at there best!!!

 What a challenging Year here in Idaho to try and fly pigeons. Never have had this much bad weather to fly in. Have had to train in lots of wind  in between all the  storms coming through.

 Weather looks good for tomorrow so will be taking the birds back out to 75 miles

if they do well tomorrow will go out to 125 miles Thursday for the activation race, at that time the

$150 ACTIVATION FEE IS DUE!  The  first race will be as soon as the birds are ready.  

Thanks Kenny


4/3/17 Hello

     Will be adding birds to Wincompanion the next few days STILL HAVE ABOUT 80 TO ADD (Monday evening)


3/22/17 Hello Everyone,

    Birds are getting much closer to going out. Still have a group that are only wanting to fly about 30 minutes but are gaining. Have a nice group up for a hour now with more birds adding to this group all the time.

Have made it through the birds for the first time there are currently between 270 and 280 here. 

over the next week will get all the programs loaded with inventories and get the clock up and running.

Thanks Kenny

3/09/17 Hello Everyone,

    We finally had a taste of spring here today it has been a very long and cold winter here in south central Idaho.

The snow is almost gone  and it is warming up. With the snow leaving the  Hawks should be moving back out so loft training will be easier.

I was able to get the birds out of the loft today  for the first time since sometime in November. they are all very soft

 but they are in good health. Over the next couple weeks I will be getting everything up and going.

With some luck the weather will  keep improving so I can get the birds back into shape.

Will start the birds on there health program next week and work on getting  an accurate  inventory and loading it on Wincompanion and getting the clock up and going. It will take a couple weeks to get everything done.  

Everything will be completed before the birds will be ready to start going down the road.

I want to thank everyone for giving me a brake here. I know I have been very quite for the season.

It was time to enjoy some of the other things in my life.

We added a new grandson in January and (Kooper) takes several hours of my time each week.

It was a much needed break and I am exited to work the birds again.

There will be some good changes happening here this year.

 My son Corey with his wife have bought a home in the area and will be moving here from Eugene, Oregon

later this summer and will be helping me run this race. 

Corey flew birds when he was in Junior High and High School and was always very competitive winning more than his share of races.

For several years know I have had some of the flyers that have wanted me to do an even longer race after the 380 mile race. So this year I have decided to go ahead and run another race.  It will be up to the owners if they want to send there birds only birds that I feel are right will be shipped. It will be totally optional and not be an average speed race . I am going to set up my own team and release from the same location to give me a better feel for this race. I have some Ideas as to were I can release from. hoping to get it over 450 miles.  I plan on covering all expenses of shipping this race for this year  and there will be a $50 entry for each bird that go's to the race and payouts will be to the top 8-10% .

Thanks Kenny


2/26/17 Hello Everyone,

     It has been a very long winter here in Twin Falls, Idaho. We have had snow and freezing temps   since  some time in

mid November.

It did warm up for a short time earlier this month but we had rains come in at that time and caused a lot of flooding. 

Soon after winter returned with more snow  and highs of  30 degrees. I don't remember a winter like this since the early 80's.   I have had to keep the .

birds  locked down this year so it will take a while to get them all back up and flying .

 As we get some better weather we will get everything up and going.  We will start keeping  you updated as we get thing

up and rolling.

Thanks Kenny

12/23/16  Merry Christmas Everyone,


Want to give you a fast update. I here some are worried about what is going on here.

 Running a yearling race is unlike any other race out there  then we take one more step further and fly ours in May each year 2 months later than the rest of the yearling races so we end up having hundreds of birds to care for 365 days of the year .

I have been doing this since the summer of 2010 so in my 7th year. Still enjoy the birds but need a break from the rest of the race world. If you want to compare our preformance to everyone else's In the first 6 year we have been able to get 50% or more of all our birds we originally received home from 300 miles and into the final race! This year should be no different!

If you have ever run a race like this you know that there are always many challenges in keeping thing going well.

Bringing birds in is always a challenge with all the health issues we deal with in today's pigeon world. Every year the virus's in our sport mutate and change and make it challenging to get all the birds up to 100% so they can preform at best potential.. This year was no different. this is the first year that I have not went into the winter with over 90% of the birds that I received. This year were right at 85%.  We have always offered free perches for lost birds prior to taking them down the road. How many of the other races offer any compensation 6 to 9 months after you have sent them birds!  We have all birds  in super health now!  Birds are flown everyday weather allows. don't believe it is  healthy for the birds to be locked down all winter.

As far as inventory it will be done this spring just before starting to road train. As far as how many are here. It takes a 50 pound bag of feed each day so that will give you a idea  as to how many are here.

Oh and almost forgot the most important news I want to congratulate my good fiend:

 Jim Richesin for being awarded the AU Legend of the Sport!!!

  Jim has been a great friend and  one of the main secrets to my knowledge and success of flying pigeons.

Would love to make it to Turlock again this year to spend more time visiting with him  but will have to wait and see.


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Thanks Kenny

6/17/16   Hello Everyone,

       Birds are coming back together and we will start shipping out next week it will take a couple weeks to get all the birds shipped. We have all the payouts figured and the are posted on the payout page. We are going to start making checks out as the birds go out as a lot will have shipping deducted from them.  The loft is open and we are taking new birds the first section is full. 

Thanks Kenny

6/12/16 Congratulations  to the Owners to the birds that made it home today!!!

        We had 7 amazing birds on the first drop and 380 miles under 1200 YPM and over 9 hours on the wing a major task for any bird let alone a yearling. There was a very nice turn out today at our home. There were flyers from Boise, Idaho and Ogden, Utah area plus others there clubs all flew races from similar distances and courses with lower returns for the day. Let me know asap if you would like your birds returned. I am going to need room 

The loft is open for next years teams we will have well over 100 here already before the end of next week.


      The birds are up and on there way light winds today from all directions at release there was light head winds, there are areas of possible showers today that the birds may have to deal with. Good Luck to Everyone today The birds Looked great when loading them.

Thanks Kenny

6/9/16 Hello Everyone,

 The Final race is moved to this Sunday!

     I have been watching the weather forecast closely on the course for Saturday and Sunday and have decided Sunday is a better for the final race. Saturday has several areas with  tail winds and really no head winds. Sunday still has a few areas that will have very light tail winds but also has several areas that will also have light head winds and side winds.

A better day to test the birds!

Thanks Kenny

6/7/16 Hello Everyone,

      Still waiting on the weather the high pressure is still holding the heat here.  As of tonight We are planning of flying the final race this Saturday birds will go up shortly after sun up at 380 miles will get one more toss on them will let you know if plans differs.  As always there will be plenty to eat at our place on race day all are welcome.

Thanks Kenny

5/31/16 Hello Everyone,

       Congrats to the winners at 300 miles, Birds are coming back together ready for some tosses I will be taking them out to 40 miles tomorrow morning.     We have over 400 birds home  from the 300 miles going to the final race at 380 miles That's over 65% of all the birds we started with last year. Haven't had time to get the figures together yet and won't have much free time this week One of the people I work with in the dairy industry had a family emergency and I will be busy working my other job.  Have been watching the weather and we have High pressure moving in and bringing very hot temps in for the next week they will be in the 90's the birds have been used to flying in the 60's and 70's so will be holding off until next week either Wednesday or Thursday when weather returns back into the 70's

Thanks Kenny

5/24/16 Hello Everyone,

        Have the birds ready to go to the 300 mile race have been watching the weather throughout the course have been waiting for a day that I can send the birds back out it is going to have to be Friday the 27th the first day I don't have possible rain somewhere on the course.  Will get you some rough figures for payouts soon. 

Thanks Kenny

5/19/16  Hello Everyone,

   The birds had a super day to fly clear skies and no winds until we got close to home there was a west wind the last 20 to 30 miles. The birds are looking good for just flying 200 miles. We will have almost all the birds home to get ready for the next race at 300  miles. It will depend on the weather next week as to which day we fly, the forecasts are calling for a fair amount of rain next week. This was an average speed race today And I also pay $100 each for the first 20 birds through the trap as there were 21 birds on the drop I will pay the first 21 birds $100 each.

Thanks And congrats to the winners today, Kenny 

5/18/16 Hello Everyone,

    Everything looks good for tomorrow have the birds in the clock and just finished loading will get a few hours sleep and leave about 2 AM plan on releasing at 7 AM. Release is about 15 miles north of Ely and Mcgil Nevada  release point is over 6000 ft  in Elevation the course doesn't get under a mile in Elevation until they are back in Idaho and almost home.  The birds looked and handled great today .

Thanks and good luck tomorrow, Kenny

5/11/16 Hello,

        Want to inform everyone that my good friend and partner Dave Anderson passed on early this morning.

He will be missed here is south central Idaho.

I do know the funeral will be Tuesday.  As far as the race it will be exactly the same as I have always run it 100%

myself.  Dave was the Idea behind everything in the beginning and enjoyed getting to communicate with several of you over the last 6 years.

As far as the race the birds are looking super. Will get them out for a 40 mile toss tomorrow. have heard from many that they have there entries on the way.  Get them in the mail this week. As always I give the owners of the second day birds the option to pay there entry fees.

Have been watching the weather and with the funeral I am  planning on next Wednesday for the 200 mile race

Thanks Kenny

5/8/16 Hello Everyone,

   Everything is good for the 125 mile toss tomorrow there may be some winds but looks like they will be later in the day and the birds should already home. The toss tomorrow is under races not training in wincompanion have the birds in the clock and available just finished loading the birds will be taking them out myself in the morning plan on releasing at 7 AM Mountain time. The birds handled great, Cocks and hens are getting used to being separated and are much more rested at the loft. Remember entry fees of $150 per bird are due when the birds return tomorrow  make sure and get  your money here this week as the 200 mile race is scheduled this next weekend

Thanks from the High Desert Yearling Classic

Kenny King

5/5/16 Hello

        The birds are ready for the races very pleased with the way the are preforming. I was hoping to get the activation race in this weekend but we have rain coming in for a few days but looks like Monday will be open for the 125 mile Activation. Planning on loading early in the morning and getting one more toss not sure if it will be 40 or 75 miles depends on the weather as I get into Nevada.  I trap late returns in a separate section to make sure they are fine and to this point have not found any with problems.

Thanks Kenny

3/25/16 Hello Everyone,

        Birds are looking super we have another super group to race this year. Health is super birds are flying for extended periods after returning home . We are done with the short tosses and will be releasing mainly in one group from now on.  I still have a few things to get updated and will work on it this week.

Have finely been able to get a few more days off work each week to work with the birds. I do have a few birds that I have never received perch fee for I need it Asap. As you know I have always given free perches for birds with paid perches lost

before training in the fall. But with losses being so low this year have decided to extend the free perches up to the this spring when inventory was taken just before heading back down the road. That's  10 months We are covering losses at the Loft longer than most have birds! Weather should be good again hoping to resume training tomorrow.

Thanks Kenny


3/6/16 Hello Everyone,

          Everything is coming together the inventory has been updated all birds are in the clock. I took the out 5 miles today

and they broke straight for home we will be taking them out 10 miles tomorrow and start working them at different areas from 10 to 20 miles and break them down in small groups for a while before moving them on out. We will be updating all the time from here on out. The birds are looking super

Thanks Kenny

12/15/15 Hello Again,
Weather is back to winter here with snow and cold so I will just be loft flying on good days the rest of the winter. Health is super at the loft.  Want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It is hard to believe it will be 2016 in just over 2 weeks.
Thanks Kenny 

12/11/15 Hello,
Just want to give you a fast update have been able to get the birds out loft flying again  in between rain and snow storms and as at this point there are about 25% of the birds not wanting to fly the hour that I want to go back down the road so it will totally depend on the weather in the next week. I need 4 to 5 days of good weather in a row to get them back were I feel they will be good enough to road train again. if not they will be loft flown on nice days until next spring.
Where I am located Loft flying is not a problem as long as I don't have snow cover I have only had problems with hawks looking to eat when I have snow cover. Will keep you updated as I see where we are with training.
Thanks Kenny  

12/6/15 Hello Everyone,
We had several short tosses on the birds and the were coming home well but weather changed just before Thanksgiving and I have been waiting to update everyone to see where I was at with the training this fall. There has been snow and highs of 10 degrees since then. The weather is going to good enough in a couple days to get them back out but if they don't have good enough form to continue training out will just be loft flown on good days through the winter.  Sorry for not taking the time to get wincompanion set up. When winter hits, My days are very full at work on the large Dairies it takes much longer and much more energy to do the same jobs.   They have enough trips down the road on them to start over next spring but I would like a few more to make things even easier next spring. Once I get them back outside will decide What direction to go I will let you know. The last time they went through the clock there were about 20 birds missing from the current inventory list.
Thanks Kenny

11/13/15 Hello Everyone,
I have finished doing the current inventory and it is updated on the website also finished getting the birds chipped and in the clock will be ready next week to get Wincompanion up and running 
Loaded the birds up today and took them out on there first short toss. They are looking good and ready for road training will get them out on all the days I can between work and weather.
Thanks Kenny 

11/11/15 Hello Everyone,
Thank You for all that have served on this Veterans Day!

We have the birds up flying and routing for well over a hour now with the exception of the birds we received in October. Have been getting all chipped and in the clock and will get an accurate inventory in the next couple days and  then will get them out on some short tosses on the days weather allows before we get into full time Winter, We had our first snow at the loft last week but is gone now. If things go well will download them through Wincompanion on some of the tosses for inventory as they are flying strong and will be in no hurry to reenter the loft on short tosses. Will keep you updated while we are working the birds out.
Thanks Kenny 

10/7/15 Hello Everyone,
Sorry for not updating sooner. Things have been going 
very smooth here. This is as close to taking a break here as I get having futurity birds here year around now going into the 6th year
of running the race. 
There are lots of top quality birds from many top flyers here again!
This is your last chance to ever fly against Bill Tadlock birds
having received 14 that were just hatched at the time of his passing.
I have all but the last 7 birds out flying. They are at all stages from ready to going down the road to just figuring how to fly around the loft. Have 75% banded and in the clock and will be
getting the remaining done later this month and get a accurate inventory at that time. 
Working on getting them up and flying so They get some tosses on them the first part of November before winter sets in.
I will hold a few back this fall if they are not ready to ship.

I have a few birds that I have not received perch fee on and
need to get payment on before training this fall.
There are a couple flyers that have contacted me and we have made special arrangements for payment and are not included in this group.
Thanks Kenny

8/8/15 Hello Everyone,
Birds are doing well have just finished a total inventory
and missing birds are listed in the lost list. If you have a replacement send it. The birds are out and flying daily some of the older birds are know taking off for a time and learning the country.
Health has been great to this point makes things much easier at the loft. Still have many more birds coming. Will update you in a few more weeks with updated inventory when  I get more birds out and settled, I have all birds out and flying chipped and in the clock. I am setting a new computer up in the loft will have it set up soon and will be able to download loft flying for you and tosses this fall.
Thanks Kenny  

7/26/15 Hello Everyone,
Things are going well with the new birds have brought in over 380 birds so far.  There are 23 I need to get a few more details on to get them in Wincompanion. Health has been super to this point.
Have them out and flying daily. 
Just put the 3rd large group out in the air will give them a couple weeks to settle then get them in the clock and do inventory. There are over 300 out flying now Have just went through the first 180 and chipped and did inventory only missing a small group from settling. Have contacted the owners on missing birds. We are taking birds to the first of September so there is plenty of time to get your birds here.
Thanks Kenny 

6/29/15 Hello
I have also talked to Ryan Zonnekeyn  he is another 
option for shipping birds in from Canada.  
Ryan's # is 416-990-0187
Thanks Kenny

6/25/15 Hello Everyone,
We have everything together and plan on mailing the remaining checks out next week. The total Prize money was 546 Paid entries for a total of $81,900. I need a few tax id #s and other info so will be contacting a few of you this weekend. It has been a very busy month here getting payouts figured and getting birds shipped out almost 250 were shipped back. I do still have 20 plus that need to go out yet. I have a small group that owners have not claimed and they will be out of the loft in the next few days as I need to get it ready for the 2016 team. I already have 200 young birds here for the next season, health is doing great so far.
I have been in contact with Big Andy to get birds from Canada for my race. For those that want to send from Canada contact Andy his Cell- 647-839-7733. he has a shipment coming across July 5th so you need to contact him ASAP for that. also He will have 2 more groups coming across the first and last part of August. 
Thanks Kenny

6/1/15 Hello Everyone,
First want I to Congratulate the owners of the first Drop of 11 Birds! 
Also want to mention the first average speed bird, ARPU 73891-14
From Fipa Syn. owners Jojo Gonzalez and Allan Sy. This is our 5th year and one of the few birds in the first drop on all 3 races!
Let me know if you want your birds back this week, I have heard from several already. Send me enough to cover postage to send them home if you have winnings here I can take it from that. Will wait until the first of  next week to start sending them out want to give the birds time to recover. 
Payouts are on percentages as less birds go to the race there are less positions paid. It will be a couple weeks before we have the payouts finished this week the person that helps me get everything done is on a family vacation. For those that have more than $600 coming I will need info for a 1099 IRS form. Winners  from last year.
 I still have your info.
We are now taking birds for the next year,  20 are already here. I will get the list online soon for the people that have free perches coming from last season. The deadline is Sept. 1st 
and plan on not taking birds beyond that date .
Thanks and Congrats!

5/27/15 Hello Everyone,
Everything is coming together for the 380 mile race this Saturday May 30th. The birds are coming together nicely and will be ready  they have been loft flying and rebuilding for the race ahead. All weather reports are looking good for race day. 
There is a rough draft of Payouts posted on the web sight for you to view. I do know my accountant will be on vacation the week following the race so we will get the final payouts done when she returns. 
We have several people coming this year and will have plenty of home cooked food to eat and plenty to visit about. 
The loft will be open for your 2016 Race team this weekend
 so let me know when you send and  send your perch fees with the birds. Perch fee is $100 per bird up to 5 then
 6 birds for $540 after 6 it is $90 per bird 
For the people in Utah, George Scott will be coming up from St. George. and will bring your birds if you meet him along the freeway his # is  435-862-7070. I also have been contacted by Chick Clayton and he will be coming the same route the weekend of June 6 and will do the same. His # is 208-249-1500. Chick is also coming to the race this weekend and will bring from the Boise area. Give one of them a call and save your shipping.
Will keep you updated this week 
Thanks and good luck! Kenny

5/20/15 Hello Everyone,
The race is tomorrow have been watching the weather and
Thursday May 21st is the best we have for a while there is 0% chance of rain for the first 200 miles and then a chance of scattered showers the rest of the way in mainly in the late afternoon.
 Winds are light, tail and side winds throughout the course.
Thanks Kenny

5/18/15 Hello,
The birds are ready but we are having storms come through everyday it looks like it will be several more days before I can run the next race. Just have to be patient and get them out on a good day. Will get some short training tosses if I have a big enough opening in the weather. Have been getting them out in between storms to loft fly.
I do have a small group that have never been paid for and will be pulling them out before the next race
Thanks Kenny

5/13/15 Hello,
Want to send my condolences to the family of Bill Tadlock on his passing, he will be missed.
He has been in or race from the beginning and has become a very good friend.
Will miss his phone calls and emails to visit and all the support he has given.
For the next race It will be some time the first part of the week, weather is not looking very good to fly will keep you updated.

Thanks Kenny

5/6/15 Hello Everyone,
We are getting close to race day, birds are coming together and looking ready for the task ahead. Have received over half of the entry money and have heard from the majority of you now with checks in the mail. Planned races Sunday May 10th 200 Miles, 300 Miles May 16-18 depending on weather and birds, 380 Miles May 30th Weather permitting. 
Make sure and get your birds paid for. Contact me with any questions I don't carry my phone a lot while working but will get back to you ASAP. If I have missed your call I just got busy and forgot,  give me another call.

This is  a great group of birds and anyone of them could be at the front on race day.
By running a yearling race and taking birds late in the year we get from the very best breeders in all your lofts. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with your birds and try to get them to there maximum potential, It is a lot of work
but there is great satisfaction in getting such a large group
up and preforming at this level.
I have talked to George Scott and he is coming for the race again from St.George Utah  and would be willing to bring your team up for next year if you would contact him and meet him along the freeway his #435-862-7070
 Good Luck this Year in the  High Desert Yearling Classic 
Kenny King & Dave Anderson 

5/3/15 Hello Everyone,
I will be taking the birds out to 75 Mile in the morning and plan on releasing at 8 AM
will try and get one or two 40 mile tosses this week if weather allows.
Have started watching the weather forecast for the end of the week and at this time  the weather is going to be questionable  majority of the week including Saturday but
Sunday looks very good at this point and has 3-5 NW winds on most of the course (light head winds).
Will keep you updated as we get closer to race day. So as of today will be racing 200 Miles Next Sunday.
Thanks Kenny

4/26/15 Hello Everyone,
Everything is looking good for tomorrows 125 Mile activation race.
Have just finished entering all the birds into the clock for the race  they are listed in the Race list in Wincompanion.
 Birds are looking good for the race tomorrow. From here on out I will be releasing mainly in one group  except on some of the short tosses mainly to try and keep them out of the wires.
The weather is good for tomorrow Sunny and Clear with very light winds
 Wells Nv (100 Miles out) is 2 mph North Headwind Jackpot Nv
(40 Miles out) 6mph NE and Twin Falls (home) it is 7mph WSW.
Please get your entry fees paid as soon as possible ($150 per bird that is here after tomorrows race.)
 I am ahead of planned race schedule as the 200 is not scheduled until May 9th but would like to get them out for the 200  before then as it makes it easier to make the final races on time.
Scheduled race dates are the 200 May 9th. the 300 Mile scheduled May 16th and the final race is scheduled for May 30th.
Good luck everyone!
Thanks Kenny  

4/13/15 Hello Everyone,
Will not be training tomorrow. There is a storm coming through they are calling for possible rain and high winds.
Wednesday looks good so will do 40 miles again in small groups. Will Train when I am done working Friday
Hope to have the birds up before 11 AM and will do small groups again. The next toss will be Monday if weather is good and will take them to 
75 Miles and release them in one group around 8AM.
Thanks Kenny

4/8/15 Hello Everyone,
Weather reports are calling for rain off and on tomorrow.
Will get the birds  down the road as soon as the weather is good enough to do so. Just need a few good hours to get them out. Have been able to get the birds out and loft flying everyday. I am finely getting close to getting the birds sorted 
into the correct sections for cocks and hens, the hen section is getting quiet and am not seeing hens being chased in the cock section. There will still be some that decide to show there true sex later on.
Thanks Kenny

4/6/15 Hello
Rain today will train when things clear. going to 25 miles a couple times and then on out to Jackpot Nevada

4/1/15 Hello Everyone,
Will be training a few more times at 20 Miles in small groups before moving on to 25 miles the release point is to the east and they fly through the mountains to return home a few tosses at 25 miles then will go out past Jackpot, Nevada to 40 Miles
Thanks Kenny

3/27/15  Hello Everyone.
Birds are doing well. I will be taking the rest of the week off from road training and birds will be loft flown will resume road training the first part of next week
Thanks Kenny

3/18/15 Hello Everyone
Everything is coming together hand inventory was done Saturday there were 632 birds still here and web sight is updated. Have started doing short tosses this week will be working them out in small groups for a while and will post training for inventory. Health is looking good. For the new flyers. I do train at different times of the day as I still work  several days a week but get back home most days before noon.
 Thanks Kenny

3/2/15 Hello Everyone
We are getting everything up and going weather is getting good enough to get the birds out flying several days a week now had them out today and all birds are up for at least one hour now. Groups are breaking off and starting to trip.
I have started putting them through the health program
getting them ready for road training soon. 
Cocks and hens are still together but will be needing to separate them before March is over. 
Have been getting the clock set up and working have just added 6 more antenna's to accommodate this volume.  Still have a little more to do before I get everything online hope to have it later this week. Still want to do a hand inventory also. Looks to be between 630 and 640 birds at the loft. Want to make sure all birds are in the clock correctly and scanning
Will start keeping you updated as we get things going.
Thanks Kenny

2/1/15  Hello Everyone
Winter is still here in Idaho. The last month have only been able to get the birds out of the loft a few times, ready for better weather. The birds are good, looking forward to getting them back into the air again. Will be mailing the remaining 1099's Monday. For all of Dave Anderson's friends he has been fighting pneumonia the last couple months
and has been in and out of the Hospital, talked to him last night and he is back in. Dave's # 208-423-4201. He could use some calls from his friends.

Thanks Kenny   

12/21/14  Happy Holidays 
Everything has been going well. Had the birds ready to start training and winter arrived in Idaho early and stayed until Thanksgiving time. Since that time have had  12 good tosses with the birds and have them out to 20 miles. They are beating me back to the loft now. There were a couple tosses that the birds flew for over a hour before returning back to the loft in several groups. Winter has returned so will just be loft flying for the rest of the winter.   Making more changes at the loft and adding more stalls and antenna's  for this volume of birds so not set up to scan the birds on return this winter. Did a rough count in the loft it looks like there is in the range of 700 birds still here. I did hold some of the youngest birds back from road training.There are a few that still owe perch fees for there birds please get me paid ASAP

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!


10/26/14 Hello Everyone,
Birds are coming together fine have most ready to do some fall training plan to get them out soon. Any that I feel are not ready will be held back for a while and loft flown. Will get a accurate inventory before we start out with them.
Have the clocking system up and will run them through some while training for inventory.

Thanks Kenny 

9/1/14 Hello Everyone,
Just want to remind everyone we are right at the end of taking birds in for the 2015 race season. I still have flyers that have birds to send but are waiting on them to get old enough to ship to the race. We will take birds for the next
2 weeks through September 14th.
If you have any questions just contact us.

The birds here are doing fine, keep putting more outside to start flying. 
Thanks Kenny

8/17/14 Hello Everyone,
Have been getting the birds in the clock this week and getting a accurate inventory on the birds. I have the list updated on the website as of today on all birds not found in the loft and they are listed under lost birds on the website.     There may be a few that were outside checking the country out that are listed as missing. this is the second time through the birds this week and had 6 in inventory today that were not here earlier this week would like to go through them again in a few days but don't think I am going to have that much time this week.
If you have replacements send them if you don't as always We will give you a free perch for all birds missing that have paid for before we start road training this fall for the next season.

Thanks Kenny

8/3/14- Hello Everyone,
The birds are doing well  have had very few health issues to deal with to this point sure makes things much easier bringing in this volume of birds.
Have a large group out enjoying there freedom. 
Hope to get through them in the next week or so and get them in the clock. Will get everyone a update on inventory at that time. Will give everyone  the option on missing birds to send replacements or get a free perch for the next year.
We are just 3 short of receiving 600 birds and have the whole month of August to accept birds! 
We started building another addition onto the loft to have room for birds still coming in and to make sure the loft does not get  over crowded. It will be completed in the next few days.
We have plenty of room to keep accepting Birds with the new addition being completed.
Thanks  Kenny

7/6/14-Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is having a good summer. 
Everything is going well. We have passed 340 birds and still have plenty of room and time to send. Summer has arrived weather is going to be in the 90's plus know for some time.
I was contacted by Ed Kehl and he is bringing his birds up from Salt Lake City, Utah.Tuesday Morning and would bring birds up from There is you would contact him to make arrangements his Phone # is 801-261 3736.

Thanks  Kenny

4/19/14 Hello Everyone,

We sent out about 80% of the checks yesterday and have just a couple more people to contact about there winnings.    The Remaining checks will go out next week. Still have a small group of birds from the 2014 races Contact me by Wednesday as All birds remaining will be gone Thursday!!! The new birds are coming in at a steady pace we will have over 180 in by tomorrow night. The first group are trap trained and will be out in the fly pen next week.
Thanks Kenny

6/12/14 Just a fast update we are close to having the payouts finished Hope to complete by the first of the week and get the checks sent out. With all the new birds coming in we went ahead and moved 2014 races into the archives and the results can be seen there. Will update everyone as soon as We get all the figures completed
Thanks Kenny

First I want to congratulate the owners of the 3 birds on the first drop Larry Christensen, Bill Tadlock and Steve Dermer and then Larry Christensen's bird winning Average speed for this  years Race Series!!!
Also I want to Congratulate all the owners of all the birds that have returned on the  day from 380 Miles ! It is a great test for any bird and these are just yearlings That have only flown over 100 miles for the 4th time!!! 
Today gave us a very different result than myself or anyone could have predicted having 3 birds come in at these speeds. None of the weather predictions gave any indication this would happen. Running through the mountain ranges of Nevada can sometimes put birds in extreme elevations and  put them into different air steams changing the predicted results! 
I will get the free perches posted The list is on my old computer. I will get the figures to my accountant this next week and  get your winnings figured. 
I will need to send out 1099's to anyone that is going to be over $600.
If you would like to trade enough from this years winnings to cover your  new perches it might be financially beneficial for you. Let me know if you are interested. 
Again Thanks for letting me work with your birds this past year!!!
Kenny King

PS: Let your friends know about the High Desert Yearling Classic, word of mouth is the best way to advertise!
Also Let me know as soon as possible what your wishes are with your birds I am going to need time to get the loft ready for the new teams coming in. There should be a good percentage still returning in the next couple days will leave the clocking system up and running for everyone to keep track of birds returning

5/31/14 Good Morning Everyone,

Birds went up at 7:10 this morning.   At Release the weather was calm  and sunny. The Weather at home is Partly cloudy with light breezes currently  There is just going to be light breezes through out the course today most are from 3-5 SW or West.
It is either sunny or partly cloudy all the way home temps will be in the 70's.The birds looked very good when loading Yesterday. Release is Dry Lakes  area North of Las Vegas 50 plus miles on Highway 93. I would think we should be in the 1400 YPM today for the first birds.The Loft is now open for next Years birds. There are 35 new birds in the loft already this morning! 
Thanks and Good Luck to Everyone Today

5/28/14 Hello Everyone,
Well can't believe we are almost to the end of our 4th race season at the High Desert Yearling Classic.
Thanks for all the support this past 4 years never dreamed we would have a race of this sizehappening here in Twin Falls.
Everything is  go for the 380 mile race this Saturday. Will get the birds up just after sunup. Should be a faster race than the previous races this year. Took the birds out today for the last training toss as I keep the cocks and hens separated in the loft when they go out on short tosses several have no interest in going into the loft they prefer staying out and courting and flying.
Hope to see several of you at our home this weekend there will be food and drinks for all and a chance to visit with several pigeon fanciers.
We will start taking new birds this weekend. George Scott (435-862-7070) is coming up through Utah from St. George and will haul any birds you have ready to come for next years.

Thanks and Good luck Kenny  

Hello Everyone,
Rough draft of totals payouts going to each race!
Here are the totals for the prize money still have to make sure my figures are all correct. this is just a fast run through and not rechecked as long as no checks return and my addition is correct.

There are 411 paid entries for a total of $61650
The 200 Mile race gets $2000 split $100 each for the first 20 birds through the trap
The 300 Mile race has a total of $17895  paid equal drop to 40th place  figures will be in descending amounts
The 380 Mile Race has a total of $29825 paid equal drop to 40th place figures will be  in descending amounts
Average Speed pays top 8 positions in descending amounts with a total prize of $11930
Will make time to verify my figures and break down each race this weekend

Thanks Kenny

Hope everyone enjoyed todays race.  It was a great test today 7 hours on the wing and 1268 YPM for the winners.
Congrats again !!! 

Thanks for sending so many super birds for me to work with and try and get them to there maximum potential !!!   

There are still a large group of birds that have potential to rise to the top in the final test at 380 Miles!Don't count any of them out!

I am sure everyone is wanting to know what the payouts for this season are. Now that I hope to have a few minutes to catch my breath before going into the final race and have scheduled a light work week. I will get the figures together for this years prize money hope to have it done before this weekend.

Thanks Kenny

5/17/14 Hello,
Have been watching the weather, the forecast has been changing daily. As of this evening the day that looks by far the best is Monday. The Course is mainly Sunny as the birds pass through the course there is a small chance of scattered shower about 40 miles from home but is clear and sunny at the Loft. The Storms are usually on the edge of the mountain ranges just before breaking into the Magic Valley where the loft is. The winds are light from 3-5 they vary from NW TO W TO SW throughout the course it the forecast is the same late tomorrow The birds will go out.   Tuesday and Wednesday have high chances of rain throughout the course.

Thanks and will keep you updated

5/13/14 Hello Again,
The birds responded nicely with a though day in front of them. So nice to have a great day to put them to the test. 
At the end of the second day there are 396 birds  out of 421 back home. One of the changes we made this year is the first 20 birds trough the trap on this race each earn $100. Congrats to the winners!
We will be moving the next race to either Monday ,Tuesday or maybe Wednesday. Want to make sure I have them right for the next challenge ahead the 300 Mile Race. The birds look good.
Will  try  and get some time later this week and get some figures together for the prize money.  There
is Going to be Over $60,000 in prize money to be won this year I have very few birds that I never received payment on. Just a few more to pull from the race.
I have had several people that have contacted me about changing the race to Sunday as they have other obligations on Saturday If you are wanting to come please give me you input as to the day you prefer. Weather is the final factor it has to be a good day to race. I know that George Scott (435-862-7070) is planning on coming from St. George Utah and will pick up your birds up through Utah  for the 2015 season if you contact him. the Loft is open for new birds the day of the final Race.

Thanks Hope you enjoyed the 200 Mile Race at the 
"High Desert Yearling Classic" 

5/11/14 Hello Everyone,
Everything is a go for tomorrow birds look very good. Weather is very close to predictions a couple days ago there will have 5 to 6 MPH head winds the first 150 miles plus then will have some help on the last of the course release is 8 AM Mountain time. Would think at least 4.5 hours on the wing. After basketing there are 2 birds missing from training last week and there entries will be refunded. Did have one team of 8 decide not to enter there birds.and waiting on the final Checks in the mail to figure payouts when I get a  accurate total.

Thanks and good Luck this Year in the High Desert Yearling Classic!

5/9/14 Hello Everyone,
Everything is coming together, Birds are looking great! Have been watching the weather 
reports on the course and this weekend is not looking good. So the 200 Mile race is going to be Monday it looks to be a great day to fly Clear skies with 3-5 north  head winds through Nevada and the last 20 to 30 miles the wind will be to changing  south- southwest on into the loft.
 Had a small issue with the clock on training yesterday and it didn't scan a few birds it is working now. Have been receiving entry fees and have been contacted by almost everyone now getting the paperwork done now and will contact anyone that I have not heard from.
Thanks and will keep you updated!

5/4/14 Hello Everyone,
As of this evening there are 430 birds back in the loft.   Will get at least one training toss in the middle of the week from 40 miles to keep them coming together.   
It is time to get the Entry fees in they will need to be on there way this week and need to be post marked before race day! Please email or call so I know your entries are on there way want to make sure everyone is informed!   The birds will be going out to the first official race 200 Miles next Saturday May 10th weather permitting. The 300 mile race is scheduled for May 17th and the final race is set for May 31st at 380 Miles. 

5/2/14 Hello Everyone,
125 Mile Activation Race 5-3-14 8AM Mtn time!!!
Entry Fees Will be Due upon Return of Birds!!!
$150  Due for every bird Returning from 125 Release!!!
Make Checks to: Kingsview Loft Inc.

Race is  in Races in Wincompanion!
Thanks and Good luck this Year!!!
Kenny King

4/20/14 Hello Everyone,
Birds Will be going back out to 40 miles tomorrow. Release around 9 am all second day birds today will loft fly only. They are coming home fine just tired. Will be releasing In multiple groups again. 

Also Richard Cass helps make arrangements to ship to the Thailand Grand Pigeon Race www.thailandoneloftrace.com/‎   and there is still time to send they are needing band info to get paper work for USDA. This will be my 3rd year sending birds to this race it is a good race against 1400 to 1600 birds at affordable cost. You can contact Richard Cass at racicfi@covad.net

Thanks Kenny

4/13/14 Hello Everyone,
We have everything up and running now Fridays toss is in the training in Wincompanion
I will get them out tomorrow somewhere in the middle of the day when I get off work and have it on line
for everyone.  They will be tossed in multiple groups for a while longer will be moving on out very soon.
Thanks Kenny 

4/3/14 Hello,
I still have more to do to get the clocking system set up correctly have to change a few things it is not clocking 100% of the birds coming over the antennas.   Have more to do to get everything communicating so that I can get it online.
Did get the birds back out about 15 miles and released in several groups. Weather is going to be questionable through the weekend to do much for training.
Will keep you updated
Thanks Kenny   

4/2/14  Hello Everyone.
Have the birds in the clock have been through them a couple times now and should be close to
 having all of them in correctly.  Currently there are 514 Birds in the Loft. Looks like I can train tomorrow the weather looks to be improving will try and get the rest of the system up and going and post the training results later in the day if things come together.
Thanks Kenny        
3/22/14 Hello Everyone
Things are coming together. Have the health and form coming on the birds will be through the health program in another week and the birds are flying for a good hour know, did load them a couple times this week and did a couple short tosses in small groups to see how they are coming together. Should have the last couple items here next week and will get the clocking system up and working. The birds will be ready to go on down the road by then. Will have a updated inventory at that time. The planned race scedule is:
May 10th 200 Miles, May 17th 300 Miles and the final race May 31st 380 Miles. Plan on the activation toss at 125 miles the last part of April.    
Thanks Kenny  

2/26/14  Hello Everyone
Not much to report winter is still hanging with us, we are starting to have some nicer days and are getting the birds out and loft fly a couple times a week the birds are flying for at least 30 minutes. Have been getting the cocks and hens separated so have 2 groups to loft fly!  March will be busy getting things up and going for this years race season. Will be updating everyone when we get closer to starting.
Thanks Kenny

12/23/13 Happy Holiday's Everyone!!!
Hope everyone is doing well this winter.  Want to let everyone know the birds are doing fine
with winter here they have been out only a few times in the last few weeks.
I was able to get them down the road several times this fall they  were returning very well before shutting them down for the winter. There was a limited amount of losses while training. 
Still have to get the new clocking system set up. Will get things going later as there is never much of 
a break running this type of race.  Enjoyed meeting many of you in Florida at the AU Convention.
Thanks Kenny   

11/05/13 Hello Everyone
Everything is moving along just fine. Inventory was done last week and has been updated on the website. There are 87% of all birds received still here.  After inventory was taken the birds have been going out on short tosses getting them homed in and ready for next years Race's. Road training  will continue as long as weather will allow this fall. They are in great health and condition and are returning fine and are loft flying for a extended period of time before entering the loft. 
Thanks Kenny 

10/02/13 Hello Everyone
Well summer is coming to close hope eveyone is doing well.
Just want to update you on the birds they are doing fine have everyone out and flying still waiting on the last 
section to finish kitting so that I can put them all out together but that will happen soon. It is quite the site to see this volume of birds out and flying at one time!!! Have started putting a new clocking system together to handle this volume of birds hope to have it up and running before I finish tossing them this fall. I will get a updated inventory before heading down the road, the losses have been very minimal to date and still have a high percentage of the birds still at the loft!!!  Will work them around the loft for most of this month until I feel they can start doing some short tosses this fall and then get as many tosses in as possible to get there homing instinct working before we go into winter and have to keep them at the loft. I do as much loft flying all through the winter as weather will allow the birds stay heathier and it takes a short time to get them ready to train next spring. Thanks for all the support!!!  It will be fun and challenging to prepare this volume of birds for next years race season. Will be updating everyone when I am ready to do some tosses with the birds. 
Thanks Kenny  

8/24/13 Hello Everyone
Taking new birds until September, 7 2013
600 birds  at the loft and I have several  flyers that have young coming out of the nest in the next couple weeks so have extended receiving the birds for 2 weeks. Please contact me before shipping!!!
Thanks Kenny

7/21/13 Hello Everyone!
The birds are doing fine we are now at 375 Birds (Our total from last year was 371) 
Our total for reserved perches is  over 500 Birds and growing. 
 There still is plenty of time to send birds as we will be taking birds up until  August 24th. 
To make sure there is plenty of room for all the birds there are a couple more sections being added and will have room for well over 600 if needed. We have over 200 out side and will get a inventory on them soon. We have a large number of birds ready to move out of the fly pen and go outside also. We have had no problems with health on the birds this year to this point. There is still plenty of room at The:              

High Desert Yearling Classic !!!
Thank you for all the support and birds this year!!!
Kenny King 

6/25/13 Hello Everyone!          
Want to let everyone know that the Post Office will not be shipping birds the first week
of July due to the 4th falling in the middle of the week. So if they are not ready to ship this week 
Just hold them over to the following week and ship them then. They are started in a fly pen so there is no problem being a little older.  I am going to drive to Salt Lake area next Monday or Tusday and will pick up birds from anyone that has them ready to come back to the race. Also in the next couple weeks will be in the Boise area and can pick birds up there also! Just let me know if you have some ready to send!
Thanks Kenny  

6/12/13 Hello
I have the payouts  done will be sending out most of the checks tomorrow. I have a few that 
need to contact me (I have sent out personal emails to most that I am needing to hear from) so that I can finish paper work on and get there winnings out also.
For the people in Salt Lake area Chick Clayton is passing through this weekend and is going to 
drop the birds off in a central area will let you know where it is to be for you to pick up the remaining birds that are left here at the loft. I am still planning on traveling to Salt Lake area withing the next couple weeks also and can pick up new birds at that time!
As for the 2014 team they have been arriving at a very steady pace and we have already had 100 birds arrive and they are doing just fine. We have been receiving shipments almost every day! Thanks! In the next couple weeks we will get the 2013 races moved to the archive files so that I can get the list of flyers and new birds entered. You can go to the sign ups in the web site and add your info also. 
Thanks Kenny 

6/5/13 Hello Everyone,
First I want to thank everyone for all the nice complements about our race! Both  emails, phone calls and in person. 
Unlike all the other one loft races there is not a day of rest before getting started into the next year.
I have been getting the loft ready for the new birds that are arriving. We will be close to 100 birds at the end of the first week taking birds! Amazing!!! I had planned on doing one more expansion to the loft but did not think it would be this soon. But if the birds keep coming in at this rate will be busy adding to the loft!   I am working on getting the figures together for the payouts but with my limited time this week it will be next week before I get finished. As this race has grown so fast this last couple year I am going to have to do 1099 forms for payouts past $600 now so if you are over this amount will need your help in getting them to me. I really prefer  working with the birds not running another Bussiness!!! I would appreciate your help in getting these to me.
 I have shipped out several groups this week and plan on getting everything else that is to be mailed out next Monday. I do have a group to take to Utah and Boise area in the next couple weeks and will pick up birds from  both areas while there I will let everyone know when I plan on traveling to your area!! As this race is now much larger in number of birds and Payouts. I am going to make some changes to the way payouts will be split. Instead of 3 spots for average speed will pay the top 6 or 8 spots and on the 200 mile race there will be $100 each for the first 20 birds through the trap. 
I have been paying the top 10% of the birds going to each race and now will base the 10% from the number of birds going to the 200 mile race paying the same number of spots to each race. This is after visiting with a couple of my good friends as to changes they felt would make the race better. Thanks!  I have less than 20 birds that the owners have not notified me on as to whether they would like them returned. I have them scheduled to leave the first of next week so if I don't here from you by Monday they will no longer be Availiable!!
Thanks Kenny
6/1/13 Hello Everyone,
 Just want to update everyone on the race today.
Congratulations to all the winners!
There are 47 home for the day from 380 Miles. Should have nice group in tomorrow morning at this distance it is a real test for birds of this age and maturity.
As for the 8 birds on the drop some of the birds were feeling good and wanted to play outside the loft for a little bit before the decided to trap. At this distance they are usually tired and cant wait to enter the loft. I want to thank all the People that did take the time to come to Idaho and let us enjoy there company. I know we are not in a easy location to just stop by.
Thank You for sending birds this last year and letting me work with so many exceptional birds.Let me know if you want your birds back in this next week as I have already started adding next years team. I have 32 birds for  2014  at the loft from just today and have been contacted for  a large group being
sent in next week

Thanks Kenny

I do want to send my condolences to the family of Loydd Baisch, on his passing earlier this week and funeral services today. He Helped his son Marc with the birds for many years and never took any of the credit for the success.
Loydd was a one of the nicest men you would have ever met. 
We will all miss Him.

5/29/13  Hello, Everyone,
 Everything is coming together for the final  race this Saturday, the birds will go up at 7AM mountain time The weather looks to be another great day to fly birds. The birds are doing great. As you may have noticed I don"t do a lot of road work when I get my birds to this point just enough to keep there muscle tone for the next race I like giving lots of rest and working on reloading there fuel tanks for the next race.  They went out for a 25 mile toss Monday and were all back flying around the loft and not wanting to trap jsut enjoying the day. I am going to take them out 40 mile in the morning and will post it after I return. I am sure there will be a group that will show up on the clock, late but that is because they will be outside flying instead of trapping. Hope to see many of you Saturday. Will be spending the rest of the week at home getting everything ready for this weekend. If you have any questions let me know.
Thanks Kenny King 
5/21/13  Hello want to congradulate Everyone from Yesterdays race that had birds that were
able to return from a race that put them to a great test of endurance and stamina. I know we are still waiting for several birds to return. Yesterday  was for the middle and long distance birds to rise to the top and for the sprint birds to have to stop and rest and keep trying to return. The birds returning
today are still in good shape. I have had several phone calls as to why Mike Ganus had a bird that was added to the wincompanion after the fact Tied for equal First. ( As my luck would have it one of the most  known people in my race). As I have mentioned several times Wincompanion is doing total upgrade on ther online program that many one loft races use. I get to be the very first  loft that is running the new program. The bird clocked into the clocking system just fine but when wincompanion scanned the clock it would not detect this bird to transfer it. Last week there were 3 birds that placed 12th, 13th and 14th that had to be added and the only people that noticed were the owners.
Thanks Kenny  

5/16/13  Just a fast update: Race set for Monday
Have been watching the weather. Earlier this week the storm was 
going to be throughout the course for Thursday and Friday and Good for Saturday
as of right now we are looking at 40% chance of percip on Saturday with
winds from 15-30 mph and on Sunday the Percip is gone but still lots of wind.
Monday is back to Sunny and winds are going to be only 5-15 MPH from the west.
 The birds will be going out Monday instead of Saturday.
This gives the birds that had a challenge last week to come back better.
 There will still be 12 days before the go to the final race June  1st.
Thanks Kenny

5/12/13 Hello Everyone,
Well the 200 mile race was a little more challenging than I had planned on for the futurity birds but one I like for my own team to start finding out which ones have the gift of being able to come home on there own and become a champion, The birds had a head wind of about 6 mph and the temps were in the 80's for the first time this year. There were 9 birds in the first drop. Congrats to all the owners.
The day was tough enough it broke them up and they all had to use there own abilities to return to the loft. There are 216 in the loft tonight and 29 that have not returned.  This is still 58% of all the birds we received last year. The birds are in good shape  and will be ready for the 300 mile race next weekend.
Everyone that paid entry fees still has birds in the race!
I will get you some totals for prize money as soon as I receive the rest of the checks that are in the mail!
Thanks Kenny

5/10/13 Hello Everyone,
The race is a go for tomorrow  the Weather looks to be a great day to fly the birds in.
Plans are to release them at 7a.m. Mountian time just north of Mc Gil Nevada, it sould be a good 4 hours on the wing. The birds are looking great and are ready for there next task.
I am still waiting for a few more checks to arrive. Just make sure the are post marked before tomorrow. If you have any questions please contact me my info is on the web site.
Sometimes I get busy and don't get to the phone but when I catch up will get back to you.
We will open the loft for new birds for the 2014 season!  June 1 the same day as the final race. 
Thank you and Good luck to everyone!

5/7/13 Just a reminder Entry fees are due ar $150 per bird.
I have already received several of the check and have been notified about several other coming. Please let me know if yours is on it's way . Plans are to send the birds out this Saturday to 200 miles and they need to be post marked befor the race.There were 4 birds that came in the second day and the owners of these 4 birds can wait to activate these birds after toe 200 mile race this Saturday.
Thanks Kenny

4/30/13  Hello Everyone,
I will be taking the birds out Thursday morning for the 125 mile release
Plans are to release around 7:30 Am Mountain time. The birds are looking good and there are over 250 back in the loft. The clock will be set up in race mode and all birds will be hand scanned in to insure that all info is correct and a accurate acount of all birds going to 125 Miles. We have been having a lot of wind the last couple days but were able to loft fly them yesterday morning.
Thanks Kenny

4/26/13  Hello Everyone,
It has been a busy week. The birds have come together very well and look good tonight. They have been out to 75 miles Twice this week and have done what was asked of them. With my work schedule next week. I will be taking them out to 125 miles on Wednesday or Thursday weather forcast  is good for both days. Entry fee of $150 per bird will be due after return from 125 Miles and I need to have it before May 11 when they will go to the first race at 200 miles.
Thanks Kenny 

4/21/13 Well it is spring time in Idaho if you don't like the weather wait a little bit and it will change. 
We are looking at 25 to 35 mph winds all day tomorrow so will keep the birds at the loft again. Tuesday-Friday at present are all days that the birds can be trained. Hope to get them out at least 3 times this week at the longer distance. The birds will be at 60+ miles Tuesday morning it looks to be a very nice day.
 Thanks Kenny

4/19/13  Only able to loft fly the birds there were snow flurries less than 20 miles south this morning and there is rain at the loft this afternoon. The weather is to become very nice by the first of the week. 
Beginning the  first of the week will take them out to 60-80 miles as many times as they can handle and  In the last couple days of the April will take them out to the 125 mile release. They have been doing very well and will do fine at the longer distances.
Thanks Kenny   

 There Will be no race results online today. The birds went out 40 miles and turned loose in groups they came home well around 1400 ypm over about 45 minutes at 3pm there were 258 in the clock.
I had the cable  from the loft to the computer hooked up a couple days back
and as it would happen I haven't had time to get it buried yet one of my Holstein Heifers
decided to get out and she ended up chewing on the wire and shorted everything out
but after deleting the clock everything seemed to be fine. I set the clock back up and have been running birds through it and it has been working great but this afternoon I hooked it up to the computer and when it transmits to Wincompanion all the cocks that were in the clock a few days back get the results from that time sent to wincompanion.
I keep a backup clock and will use it tomorrow just need to change a few settings
A new cable is to be here Tuesday to get everything back together
I plan on taking them back out tomorrow and will download the results.
Thanks Kenny

4/16/13  New updates to Photo Album    
I will not be taking the birds out tomorrow. We have returned to winter today and have been getting snow this afternoon. Weather should be good enough by Thursday to go out again.
Thanks Kenny

4-14-13  Hello Everyone
I had planned on training tomorrow but after watching the weather reports
Monday and Tuesday do not look flyable and this morning weather was better the they had predicted it was Sunny with side winds of only 10-15 so the birds went back out to 40 miles
and were released in multiple groups. 5 birds stayed at the loft today due to low form and condition:  Mnc 6736, Arpu 86339, Top 2980, Craz 3680 and Craz 3757 due to sore wing.
The next planned training will be Wednesday as long as the weather predictions stay the same.
Thanks Kenny

4/12/12- Hello Everyone,
The birds have been doing great this week and after watching the weather reports for the next week most days are going to questionable to train in. I took the birds on out to 40 miles today and have the results posted on the website of the birds home in the first couple hours will update the list tonight. I am setting the computer up in the loft today and from here on out will have it live online.
I do have to buy my wife a new one for the house as we only have one!
Thanks Kenny

4/10/13 The training toss from today are down loaded  on Wincompanion. Still need to get the computer set up at the loft will work on getting it set up yet this week. Majority of the birds not in the first ten minutes were home and loft flying for some time. I have been between 265 and 270 birds this last week at the loft. As long as the weather is flyable this week will keep them going out and plan on moving out to 40 miles next week.  I have been able to get them broke down in to groups of 15 to 20 birds on several of the other training tosses so there should be minimal losses from here on
Thanks Kenny

4/4/13 Birds are doing great have had nice days the last week and have been getting them tossed from 20 miles
 all but just a few straglers are home when I get back to the loft. Will make time to get the anntena's changed in the loft by Tuesday and get the trainings on line. The next few days are questionable as far as weather but if there is a break in the weather will keep tossing them. They are on schedule and coming to form.
Thanks Kenny 

3/30/13- Everything is coming together. You can access everything right at the Wincompanion button at the web site. We have everything in the clocking system and have Wincompanion up and working all that is left is to change a few thing at the loft and install  the new Antenna's to have the clocking system finished and  set the internet service back up at the loft. If there is something entered incorrectly let me know and I will get it corrected. The bird list has all birds that were on the list last fall before road training.  The birds are going back down the road now and will be out to 25 miles in a week to 10 days. I will have everything up and going sometime this next week.
Thanks Kenny 

3/18/13- Hello Everyone! We have everything coming together for the upcoming season. The birds are in the last week of a complete health program and are coming into form very nicely they are loft flying now for over a hour there are just a few not where they should be to go down the road. Plans are to get some short tosses in small groups in a week or so and work them on out as they are ready.  I have been getting them in the clocking system and just need to go through them one more time to make sure I have them entered correctly. There are 291 birds in the clock. We are in the process of setting up Wincompanion for online results it should be up and going in the next couple weeks. Training results will be available as we get them on out. The planned schedule will be the 125 mile toss to activate entry fees will be April 26-30 depending on weather this will give everyone 12-14 days to get entry fees paid. May 11,2013 will be the 200 mile race (average speed only). May 18,2013 will be the 300 mile race. Training only Memorial Weekend. The final Race from 380 miles will be June 1, 2013. 
I have most of your email address but there are some that I am missing if you are not getting a email from me please send your email address to: kennypigeons@hotmail.com and I will work on getting everything updated.
Thanks Kenny King  

2/5/13 Inventory has been updated, The weather is starting to improve and have had the birds out a couple time again, they will need a lot of  loft flying when the weather gets good again before we can start them back down the road  this spring. While doing inventory I went ahead and sorted the cocks and hens and will be keeping them separated in the loft for the rest of the season. 
Thanks Kenny

1/24/13-Hello Everyone. 
I had plans of updating inventory just after Christmas but we have been staying very cold here for weeks 
 our highs are lucky to be 20 degrees,  The last couple days have been much better and as soon as I can get time I 
will get the list updated. The birds are doing fine I have had to keep them locked down during this cold but will be able to get them back out and flying before long, we should start having much nicer weather.
Thanks Kenny 

12/9/12- Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to give you a update on everything. Well winter has arrived so will be letting the birds out on good days and only loft flying until next spring.  The birds have been out on several tosses and are  out past 20 miles they are breaking for home very well and would have no problem going on down the road. they will be easy to get ready next spring for the races. I will try and get time in the next couple weeks to get inventory updated for everyone. There are a few birds missing from training but it is a small percentage.
Thanks and Happy Holiday's            

Kenny King     

10/25/12- Hello Everyone- Inventory was done the 20th and the list has been updated free perches were gave out for all birds missing before they started down the road. We have started working them down the road and will be getting as many tosses as weather and time will allow this Fall before pulling back to the loft for Winter.
Thanks Kenny Inventory was done the 20th and the list has been updated free perches were gave out for all birds missing before they started down the road. We have started working them down the road and will be getting as many tosses as weather and time will allow this Fall before pulling back to the loft for Winter.Thanks Kenny

10/9/12- The birds are up and flying  if they keep progressing plans are to get them out and start doing some short tosses in the next few weeks and get them out as many times as the weather and my time will allow  before pulling back to the loft for the winter months. Before we start down the road there will be a complete inventory done and free perches gave out for all birds that have not made it to this point.  We loft fly as much as the weather will let us throughout the winter. I try and keep them up loft flying 20-30 minutes all winter to make it easier to get them back into form next spring.
Thanks Kenny

8/30/12- We want to thank everyone for sending us birds this year. We look forward to working with such a super group of birds. The totals are more than double last years.
If you get the Racing Pigeon Digest there was a small article in the September issue
 written by Jim Richesin about our race.
The loft addition is done and there is plenty of room for the birds.   Majority are out and flying some.
We have been having  a lot of smoke in the Magic Valley  most days from all the fires around the west it should get better soon, so have not been pushing them at all. I have had a few birds that have needed special attention lately whenever you bring in late hatches from so many locations there is always some sort of challenge to get through. I will be taking a break from sending out any news updates  until I get them ready to do some road training later this fall. 
Thanks Kenny

8/1/12- Hello everyone,
 Sorry I haven't sent out a update for the last couple weeks but have been staying very busy with work and 
 remodeling the expansion of the futurity loft so there will be plenty of room for the birds still to coming
 in the next couple weeks, it is nearing completion and will add 200 perches.
 We are at 307 birds in as of today with 44 coming in today.
We have over 200 outside now. At this point health has been super and have not had any losses due to health.
We did add a fly pen this year that the birds are in for a period of time before being totally let out and it has been a great asset in settling the birds.
We want to send our condolences to Fahy Robinson's Family on his passing on today.

Thanks Kenny 

7/20/12- we are going to extend our deadline to send birds until August 15th we have several
that still have birds that they are wanting to send that are not going to be old enough other wise.

Thought I should take a few minutes and update everyone as to what is going on in Southern Idaho.

The birds are doing great have a large group outside and will find time this week to go through them and see if any are missing at that time. There are 187 birds here and have several more coming in this next week and will be well over 200 by the end of next week.
We still have a large group of birds that people have said will be coming in the next few weeks with plenty of room still in the loft as we have brought in another 24 foot section that is being remodeled and will be ready for birds within the next week.
The weather for shipping is looking much better this next week to get birds shipped to us.

I took a trip down through Nevada a couple weeks back and spent several hours checking out 350 to 400 miles for next years race and found a place to release at 380 miles that is back up in the mountains north of Las Vegas, it is up in  a large valley that the birds only have the option of heading north  for a good 30 miles before having any choices as to which valley to go up and even then they are still heading north.  I will be taking out my yearlings  before the final race and releasing them from the same location to get a better feel of the course but everything looks very good from this location.
Thanks Kenny

6/28/12-I am still planning on being in St George, Utah. Sunday July 1st and coming back up through Salt lake area monday July 2nd and can pick up any birds that you have ready to come to our race and save shipping cost. you can email me or after I leave Saturday you can call me at 208-329-0364.
We have  a very nice group of birds arriving again this week. 34  so far this week and are up to 119 birds in as of tonight.
The first 65 to 70 birds are now outside and getting adjusted to having there freedom most are still just checking things out and are staying on the landing board or atop the loft. In a week or two I will do a inventory of this group to see if any are missing.
Thanks Kenny

6/24/12- Hello, 
 Thought it was time to update you as to what is happening. There are 85 young birds in the loft The first 25 are now outside and another 40 to 45 going out this next week. Health has been great so far and have no losses to report. As I get everyone outside I will update everyone if your bird comes up missing asap 
 I have been contacted by several flyers that have said they will be sending  there late hatches (many still in the nest) as they get ready, with the birds in the loft and the birds people have said will be coming we will be well above last years total number of birds 
I am planning on traveling south down through Nevada leaving Saturday afternoon (June 30th)  and locating our new release point for the final race. and going on down to St George Sunday morning (July 1st) and spending most of the day visiting everyone there leaving in the evening and spending the night in the Beaver, Utah area. and traveling up through Salt lake Monday (July 2nd) on the way home. If anyone has birds ready to come our way I would be glad to stop and bring them along and save you shipping. 
Thanks Kenny

6/14/12- After having such a tough 400 mile race this year I have decided to work the final race station north up into the mountains out of Las Vegas more and find a location that gives the birds time to get homed in better in the air before coming up on there first pass and deciding on which valley to travel up. I am planning on visiting friends in ST. George in the next few weeks and will travel down Highway 93 and locate our new release point at that time and  that I feel will benefit the race returns the most the distance will be determined at that time.
My return Trip I will be coming up through Utah and I can pick up birds and help save on shipping
The 2013 team is arriving and we are at 69 birds already at the loft with many responses and have as many birds committed to next years race as we brought in for 2012 race. If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.
Thanks Kenny

6/11/12- Want to thank everyone for all the calls and emails that I have received today of support after having a race with results you never want and sometimes receive. 
There are only 8 birds home at this time have been watching and waiting for the last 2 days and every bird that has returned that I have seen coming in is coming out of the east and not out of the south. I could guess as to the possibility of why we had such harsh returns but the birds only know the true answer.
All 8 birds have returned in very good shape today most have flown several trips around the loft before landing. But 
from experience by the end of the 2nd day there will be a very limited return of the rest of the birds.
I want to say thank you to everyone that came Sunday, I was able to see several people again that have become good friends and had the opportunity to meet Jim Richesin in person and enjoyed his company from Saturday through Monday morning while he stayed with us. Also had the opportunity to meet Gregg Stevens.
I always figure paying out the top 10% going to each race so that would be 9 birds for this race with only 8 home I will take the prize money for 9th and divide it equally between the 8 birds that are home. I had planned on having all the figures done but couldn't get in the mood today to get them together. Will get everything together tomorrow. As far as the pooling money I have a couple columns that have birds home that were pooled and will pay the pooling out in them and all columns that do not have birds home will return the funds. 
I have decided that for next year to pull back to 350 mile for the final race. 
Thanks Kenny

6/10/12-Birds were released at 7:25 AM Mountain time weather at both ends of the course is just as it was projected
there was a 3-5 north wind at release and at the loft there is 10-15 west winds. Birds are flying North.
the birds had 7-8 hours at Dry Lakes before. The Driver said they broke right for home with no hesitation
We are enjoying the company of our first visitor Jim Richesin, will update as the day Gos on.
Thanks Kenny

6/6/12-    After watching the weather forecast Sunday is going to be race day, Saturday is going to be extremely windy on the whole course..  There are clear sky's Sunday and it will be 72 or below for the course as the birds come home there is going to be 3-8 north or north west winds the first part of the course.  The last part  50 to 75 miles from home   is 15-18 mainly west winds. 

The birds are coming together very nicely and will be ready for the tough day ahead of them. 
They went out on there last toss today and will be let out to loft fly Friday before going to the race.
Will get more training tosses out to everyone next year but once I have them trained out, I release in as small of groups as my time will allow so outside of seeing if your bird is home or not, training is for the benefit of the birds getting into condition and building there homing instinct  so that when the tough day comes and they are all alone they are able to navigate home. 

When putting a race together like this you always hope for Ideal day to send the birds out to the race.
Sunday is not the perfect day but is still a very flyable Day. It is going to be a  test of endurance and stamina. 
After working with this group of birds for the past year there are a large group that are going to this race 
that have the potential to be at the top by the end of the day. 
Thanks Kenny

6/1/12-Hello Everyone
We are just over a week away from the final 400 mile race and everything out there for weather reports 
for June 9th are as perfect as you could ever hope for the temp for the race course as the birds come home 
is going to be 70 to below 80 all the way with clear sky's all the way majority of the course is 3-5 side winds
with just a few places up to 8-10 side winds. as we get closer I will let you no it there is a change in the weather
forecast.  Birds are coming together nicely and should be in super form and ready for the task in front of them.
I have started receiving pooling sheets make sure to get yours here before the race. 
There are several planing on coming from: Utah, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado 
If you have birds ready get them sent here with the people planing on being here for the final race save your shipping. I will help you make contact with them.
There are birds for 2013 here already from 6 lofts and more coming next week.
We will have plenty of room for at least 600 if needed next year having combined my loft & Dave's loft into my loft, as soon as the final race is completed I am moving all of Dave's lofts over so it needed will remodel them and have over double the room I currently have.
Thanks and Good luck Kenny

5/29/12-The final race is scheduled for Saturday June 9th. 
We have had several People contact  us and are planning on coming to the race. We will have plenty of food and drinks for  everyone. It is always lots of fun when you get a group of people together. Just send me a email back if you are planning on coming and I haven't already heard from you. 
There are 92 birds back in the loft.  The 300 mile race was the first time that the birds have really been put to the test to find out if they had the Heart of a Champion and as a group they did very well. There is only one flyer (sent one bird) that at this time does not have a bird going to the 400 mile Race after having the birds here for almost a year. 
If I am missing anything or you need more info on something let me know.
We do have room in the loft and have started bringing in next years team. I have birds from 4 new flyers here or on there way this week already.
I will let you know on some of the people traveling here to the races that can bring your birds June 9th and save on shipping. George Scott from ST. George, Utah has already said he would be glad to pick up any birds up through Utah and bring them here and also he would pickup birds for Spring Break and Red Rock and take them back to there races. 
Thanks Kenny

5/27/12-The birds were released at 9:00 AM Mountain time and he driver said they broke right for home and conditions are good at the first part of the course and  the sky's are clearing out on the last part of the course  but the winds are going to be 20 plus side winds the last 50 miles in. It is hard to put a exact time of return but we are thing about 7 hours on the wing with the conditions so maybe 4:00 pm
Thanks and Good Luck today

5/25/12-The 300 mile race is Sunday at this time we are planning a 7 am release but  may hold the release for a 1 or hours 2 depending on the Weather.
The back of the storm is to be by the race course early in the morning. The birds will be traveling straight north and the winds are looking like the are going to be 10-15 from the west or north west for most all the race but the last 30 to 50 miles could be 15 to 20+ west winds. Everything I am seeing so far is still a flyable day as long as the system continues at the same speed as is being predicted. It should be a good workout for the birds and should spread them out some. Monday is going to be a good day for the remaining birds to come on in. If there are any changes I will let everyone know as soon as possible.
Thanks Kenny 

5/22/12- Went back through the the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday. We will be flying Sunday to 300 miles Saturday has a higher chance of rain forecast-ed  now than yesterdays forecast.
Sunday is Clear or partly cloudy all the way through the course with winds from 5-10 either from the west or north west until the Last 30 miles of the course with winds picking up to 15-20 north west, temp will be on the cooler side.
The birds are coming together and should preform very well at 300 miles.  If Thursday is a flyable day I will take them out for a toss and set the clock to send out live online returns. If anybody has any questions on getting into the online results program let me know. To view the live results go to our race and click on the live button & if you want to see the previous races click on High Desert Yearling Classic and the races are posted there select the one you would like to view and click on it for the results. 
I am going to get someone to help me set up the web site so that there is a link button to go to the race results. 
Thanks Kenny 

5/20/12-Hello everyone,
There are 119 of the 126 birds back into the loft and still a few more hours of daylight for the remaining to try and come in.
Thanks for sending a super group of birds that are really responding to the tasks that they are asked to preform. 
Plans are to go to the 300 mile race next Saturday May 26th as long as mother nature doesn't changes our plans. 
Then 2 weeks to get them into top form for the 400 mile race June 9th.
Anybody that would like to come and watch the 300 mile race return is welcome. 
I had only planned on a pooling sheet for the 400 race but have been asked if there would be one available for the 300 also, if you are interested in pooling the 300 also.  Email or call before tomorrow evening and if there are enough people interested in pooling this race also I will send out a pooling sheet tomorrow night.
I am attaching a payout sheet. Based on 126 birds as long as all checks clear.
Thanks again Kenny 

5/18/12-  Everything is coming together for tomorrow. They have the online clocking system finally up and working and it has been working just fine today. the link to get online is:     http://www.one-loft-race.de/     
click on the english button top right go down to High Desert Yearling Classic then go to the right and click on the live button and you should be there.
They  will be out  200+ miles and be released at 7:00 AM Mountain Time, it should be 4+ hours on the wing.
The Weather looks super for flying tomorrow Sunny with a high of 72 Degrees and almost no wind on the course.
We have entered the birds in the clock and there are 126 birds going out. There is 1 missing from training and entry will be returned on it. DWI 785 is coming home late from tosses I can't find anything wrong with him so I am sending him out and if he is not able to make it back at a respectable time the owners can have there entry fees refunded. Also there is one bird (HL 1605) back from 125 miles on the 3rd day he is looking and feeling fine so he is going out and if he returns to Brad's satisfaction from the 200 mile race  he has the option to pay the entry fees on him at that time. 
Thanks everyone for your support and good luck tomorrow !

5/17/12- There are 2 good birds ready for the race that the owner has been laid off from his job and is unable to 
pay entry fees for, so if anyone would like to pay entry fees on these birds they are available
there band # are:HAN 2097 AU 11 BB Cock & HAN 2467 AU 11 BBWF Hen. Mike Burbank paid the entries on these 2 birds.
Thanks Kenny

5/16/12-The Birds are ready for the 200 miles they went on a 30 mile toss yesterday released in small groups and are preforming great breaking right for home.
I have been able to get my work schedule set up so that the 200 will be this Saturday May 19th and the 300 mile is one week later  Saturday May 26th and the final race at 400 miles is still June 9th.
I have received several checks but am still waiting on a few I need them before the 200 mile race. 
Thanks Kenny

5/10/12-Hello Everyone.
Here are the results after the end of the second day. There are a total of 127 birds back in the loft. there are 7 birds still missing. It is time to get the entry fees of $150 per bird in the mail. Will be preparing the birds for the 200 mile race next week and need the entry fees before they go out. Please email me when you send the entry fees of so if there is anybody that I am missing I can contact them.
As you can see they are having problems getting the online results working correctly. The people from Tipes are working on getting the problem fixed and said they will have it working before the next race. Seems like there is always something challenging that has to be conquered when you are adding something new. Took time and went through the birds for a inventory check and all birds were in the clocking system. They are holding great conditioning the birds from yesterday are looking super, the birds from today will get a little extra care and will be ready for next week. If any of the 7 missing birds return I will try and get them ready for next week if I feel they are in good enough shape they will go to the 200 mile race and if they return and the owner is satisfied with there results at that time they can pay entry fees on them.

Thanks Kenny

5/9/12-  At this time they still have not been able to get the results to be submitted to the online display.  So as soon as the sun is down for the day I will get  today's results emailed out to everyone.  At 7:30 there are 114 birds in the loft. There are 20 left to come in. 
Thanks Kenny

5/9/12- There are 108 of the 134 birds home currently. there were 22 in the first 3 minutes and the rest of the birds started coming in from the west and north west in groups.  release was to the south. Most should be here before the day is over.
 We will have the online service up and going in the next few hours
The link to the online race is:

Once you are into the site click on English. There is line for the High Desert Yearling Classic as soon as it is set up the rest of the way there will be a button on the right side to click to view the results. I will let you know as soon as it is finished.

First 2 Drops

1= Arpu 63413  Mike Burbank
2= BVR 11216 Daniel Carter 
3= Jedds 2683 Scott/ Morrison
4= Polk 891 Fahy Robinson
5= Eagle Ridge 1163 Mike Whiting
6= Sam 274      Sam Haslem
Above are first Drop
7= Fall River 683 Don Johnson
8= Lvc 103  Just Wingin it
9= Gem 1034 Valley View Loft
10= Tadlock 137  Bill Tadlock
11= Polk 870  Fahy Robinson 
12= Hawaii 705 Stan George
13= Hawaii 706 Stan George
14= Lake Mexica 68 Alert Alaminski
15= Ncf 2767 Steve Dremer
16= Ncf 2464 Ed Bollinger
17= Ida 1477 Johnny Greg
18= Fall River Don Johnson
19= Yak 755 David Catey
20= Sam 272 Sam Haslem
21= Lake Mexica 43 Alert Alaminski
22= Ncf 2460 Ed Bollinger
Above in second drop

Thanks Kenny

5/5/12-   Wanted to let everyone know what is going on and have updated the  race schedule on the web site.
The final Race is planned for June 9th. We would like to invite you to come join us for the final race. 
Twin Falls, has plenty of great places to stay. We are only 2 miles from the airport  here in Twin Falls and they have service with Delta Airlines. We are 2 to 3 hours from Salt Lake City, Utah or Boise, Idaho also.
I have the clock all set up and birds scanned in and ready to try the system out tomorrow.
We are working on getting internet service out to the loft and hope to have everything up and going the first part of next week.
Plans are to get the birds out to 125 this next week. They are coming into form and are ready for the race season. 
Will keep you updated as we get everything up and going.
I want to thank every one for there patience while I am getting everything up and going each year will be much easier as we get everything into place. 
Thanks Kenny  

4/30/12-Received a call this morning and the clock is in California. Tim is planning on shipping it out later today should have it up and running later this week. Went through and did a inventory of the birds it is updated on the website.
There are 133 birds in the loft at this time.
Thanks Kenny  

4/29/12- Still waiting on the clock! It is back in the USA. Tim said he should have it soon.
Have been training the birds everyday possible and they are out to 80 miles and today's toss all but 4 were home within a few minutes of the first  group.
I have a few missing after all the tosses a rough head count is about 130 left. I plan on doing a inventory tomorrow. As soon as the clock is up and running I will get the birds out to 125 miles so we have some time to get the entry fee's in before we go out to 200 miles with them. 
Thanks Kenny

4/22/12- Want to let everyone know  I have been releasing the birds  past 40 miles in Nevada.  They are getting released in small groups know and majority  are breaking for home there are still a few that are taking some time getting back to the loft, but will keep training until they have figured it out. Before moving out to 80 miles. As of today before taking them for a toss almost every bird is still  going out for training. 
We went to set the clocking system up before we started training this spring but after talking to the manufacturer we found out that the older model of Tipes Antenna’s that was with our system should go back to the factory for upgrades as they were having some clocking issues with this model so we thought it best to take the time and try and eliminate a future problem When it really counts. The clocking system  on its way back from the factory in Germany and the last Info I have is I should have it next week.  Will get it  running as soon as possible. The  Tipes system  has its own on line program for reporting results and is not compatible to the program several other lofts are using. Tim Perry of Hay lofts is the distributor for Tipes and the  person that runs everything for the Tipes system including the online program  and he will be assisting me in getting the results out to you.
 Thanks Kenny

 4/9/12- Inventory is updated as well as the sex of the birds, The birds are ready to start back down the road. We will be getting everything up and going in the next couple weeks. Our scheduled race dates are 200 miles May 12, 300 miles May 19 and 400 miles June 2. If possible start making plans to come to  the final race.
Thanks Kenny

3/19/12- Its time for another update. Have the birds out and loft flying they are coming together nicely. 
They are up close to a hour around the loft now and soon it will be time to start them back down the road.
Snow at the loft yesterday! Within 30 miles of the loft the elevation is over a mile high for the next 300 miles of the race course.
Plans are to get them wormed and through a health program (Will do inventory at worming) in the next few weeks before heading south with the birds. We are waiting for the return of our TIPES clocking system and will get it up and running as soon as it returns We felt it was worth the time & expense to send it back to the factory for testing and upgrades to try and avoid any problems when we get into the races.
Thanks Kenny 

1/28/12- Just a quick note, the birds are doing fine have been able to loft fly a couple times a week and today they were able to stay up for half a hour with no problem if I can keep them at this level in the spring they will be ready to go back down the road in a very short time.
Thanks Kenny

1/1/12-  Happy New Year everyone. Inventory has been done and web site is updated and there are 148 birds in the loft after getting them trained into Nevada about 40 miles. For the rest of the winter we will be loft flying and taking a bit of a break until nest spring. 
Thanks Kenny
12/24/11-  Wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We have the birds out into Nevada and are going to slow down with them and just fly them around the loft on good days for the rest of the winter. next week I will get a updated inventory of the birds for everyone, they are coming along very well and will be a lot of fun to put back down the road for the race series, just a super group to work with.
Thanks and have a Merry Christmas, Kenny

11/26/11- Hello everyone hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day. Wanted to update you on the birds. Training is going great the birds are out past 20 miles and today had them broke down into 5 groups on release
and all birds were back home before I arrived. To date there are very few birds missing. We are to have 7 to 10 days of nice weather so before the weather changes the birds will be out 40 plus miles and into Nevada and if the weather holds I will get as many tosses from there before pulling back for the winter at that time I will get an updated inventory for everyone.
Thanks Kenny

11/10/11- Training is going very well I have been able to get several short tosses in and today the birds were out 12 miles they are starting to break for home in a very short time. I will break them down into smaller groups before going on out with a little luck we should have a few more good weeks  to continue training and get them into northern Nevada (40 to 50 miles) before we have to pull back for winter. As far as lost birds to this point it is very minimal the crates look as full as when we started down the road. I do have a couple coming in a little behind the group. Several of you know one of our flyers in the club Dave Anderson he has been having some health issues and has been in and out of the hospital over the last month. He was able to come home again yesterday and today he has had a good day  we are all hoping and praying that he continues to improve. I am sure he would enjoy visiting with several of you so if you have a few minutes give him a jingle his phone # and email address are in the contact section of the web site.    I'm sure I am missing a few of your email addresses if you are not getting a email from me please contact me and I will get this taking care of. 
Thanks Kenny 

10/25/11- We are ready  to start doing some  tosses with the birds they are all up and flying for an hour or more we should have several good days to train in the next month before pulling back for the winter. 
When we are done training I will get an updated inventory on the birds and this winter will get the clocking system up and running. We have a super group of birds in the loft to work with.  
Thanks and good luck, Kenny

10/1/11- Inventory was taken just after the middle of the month and again earlier this week and found only 5 birds not here from last inventory they have been updated on the inventory sheet and everyone that has a free perch fee for next year has been listed by there names. The birds are all out together and working on getting them all up for a extended period of time. they should all be up for close to a hour in the next few weeks.  We brought in a total of 180 birds this year &  as of October 1st there are 171 birds at the loft. 
Thanks Ke