News Update

3/14/18 Hello Everyone,

          Weather is starting to improve. The birds are healthy and are enjoying flying. We are getting the birds out and loft flying most days. The last time they all flew for at least 50 minutes  so it will not take much more time to get them ready to start road training. Will get the clock up and running soon. Plan on getting a hand inventory done very soon and make sure all bands are working. Will be updating everyone as we get everything going.

Thanks Kenny 

3/5/18 Hello Everyone,

                We are still waiting on winter to leave.  With some luck we will be up and going in the next few weeks

Will up date everyone as soon as we get things up and going

Thanks Kenny

2/5/18 Hello Everyone,

       Everything is good here in Twin Falls, Idaho. We have been on Holiday for the last couple weeks with some of our kids and our 2 grand kids enjoying much warmer weather and sandy beaches. Birds are healthy but are out of condition know, We have had them locked down since the middle of December waiting for weather good enough to let them outside. This next week we are going to be above normal and should be able to let them out and start building them back up,

With some luck we won't have to keep them in for any extended periods for the rest of the season. It is always a challenging time trying to get this many birds back up and flying trying to keep them from getting injured and flying for extended periods of time!

The inventory is very close to what was in the clock last time they went down the road. Once we get them back up and flying we will work on getting a new hand inventory on the birds there is no hurry as we still have plenty of time before we need to start road training,   We don't get into our races until May!!!

Thanks Kenny

12/5/17 Hello Everyone

    We completed a hand inventory on the 3rd and have the birds all up for a good hour flying so we are going to get some short tosses done on the birds. We will be starting them at 3 miles and working them on out as long as the weather holds most years we are done trying to fly the birds by this time. We are mostly sunny and clear with highs in the upper 30's and lows in the teens this week with no snow in the forecast. Will try and post some of the tosses. Majority of the birds are flying for long periods of time so there will be in no hurry to trap so don't pay attention to when they trap the later birds in the results will be out and flying around the loft. My clock is set up with 10 antenna's and multiple power boosters and with all the connections I  need to take it all down and clean up all connections  this is something I do when I start up in the spring.

There may be a few times one of the antennas does not work and some of the birds will not be on the list for a toss.  

Thanks Kenny

10/22/17 Hello Everyone

       Things are going well at the loft.  We are getting ready to take the fly pen down and put the last of the birds outside and get them up and flying. We are planning on getting some short tosses done as soon as possible if the weather allows. I will be holding back any bird I don't feel is ready to go out at that time. We will get a new inventory done just before road training. The free perches that we give will be on missing birds at that time.  Wincompanion is all updated and last years birds are removed. If there is anything that is not correct please let me know so I can get it corrected.

Thanks Kenny

9/9/17 Hello Everyone,

        Just completed a hand inventory of all birds in the loft and have updated Wincompanion the inventory is listed in training there are 489 birds in the list with  more arriving today.  We are still taking birds and have several more to come in

We are going to extend receiving birds a couple weeks through the end of September we have several with young birds that are not quiet ready to send and we are the last loft that is still taking birds. There is still plenty of room in the loft. Check your teams if you have anything missing you can send a replacement or  there will be a free perch for next years race.  If you have any questions contact me.

If there is something that I have incorrect in Wincompanion let me know so I can correct it.

  Birds are doing well minimal health issues this year.  Birds are out flying every day that is good.

Thanks Kenny

8/17/17 Hello Everyone,

       Everything is going smooth this year minimal health issues weather has been great, birds are settling well and are getting into the air and loving to fly. There was a hand inventory taken the first part of last week so check your teams if you are missing anything send a replacement or if you don't have a replacement you will get a free perch next season.

 I release the older birds know and they start tripping and are disappearing  for periods of time know. We have moved another  group outside a few days ago and they are getting settled as soon as they are settled well, we will get a new inventory for everyone. We are over 400 here know. and have one more month to receive birds there is still plenty of room in the loft.

Thanks Kenny

8/3/17 Hello Everyone,

         Birds are doing well! We are somewhere in the mid 300's now. There is still over a month to send birds as we will be taking birds in until mid September.  I am working on getting a new accurate inventory done again, have most all the missing birds listed in lost birds, all 2017 birds are in black and last years birds (2016) are in red, hope to get it completed sometime in the next week as time allows. Will update everyone as soon as I get inventory finished.

Chic Clayton is traveling to the Salt Lake area this weekend and would haul your birds back if you would

contact him at 208-249-1500. 

Thanks Kenny

7/13/17 Hello Everyone,

          Just a fast update for everyone!  The new birds are doing well have brought in over 60 in the last 2 days alone,
taking the total to 260 plus, have had to treat very few birds for health issues and the few I have have treated have came right back around. The second group is outside so about 170 loft flying know.
Plan on getting a hand inventory to see what is missing for sure I have just a few not in the clock so almost all of the second group settled well. Will let the owners of the missing know so they can send replacements if they have them.
Will update you as soon as the next inventory is done
Thanks Kenny

7/3/17 Hello Everyone,

                Almost Everyone should have received your checks. I have a couple left to mail out today and 
last years Races will be history.
For those of you that have free perches coming and want to know how many you have. There are free perches
for all birds with paid perches that didn't get listed In Wincompanion last year. To see if your bird was here or not just go into birds and lost birds if they aren't in either you have a free perch. any questions just call me at 208-329-0364  
if I'm busy I will call you back.
Everything has been going really smooth so far for the new birds. I have received over 175 the first month with over
2 months to bring in birds, I will take birds until September 16th.  Fees are the same as last year.  Perch fees: 
less than 6 birds is $100 each and 6 and over are $90 Each Entry fees are $150 after the 125 mile activation race.
I just completed a hand inventory of Group 1 the birds out and flying  there were 85 in this group and as of this morning 81 are still here and out and flying. the current list is loaded in Wincompanion under training!!!
All birds are still here in the second group.
Thanks Kenny

6/22/17 Hello Everyone

         Have sent out all the birds that I believe everyone wanted, have a couple to go to Idaho and Utah will keep the remaining for a little longer just in case.
Have most of the figures together and will work on getting everything completed next week and checks mailed!

Will be busy at the Dairies the next several days!
The birds for the 2018 race are looking good have not had to deal with any health problems to this point.
Have received 100 so far and more coming in tomorrow.
Transferred all the information to the clock for the 2018 race birds and just finished going through the birds 2 times to make sure all bands were working and correct! There are 98 of the 100 here. contacted both of the owners of the 2 birds 

They are listed in Wincompanion in the Race Category will activate the clock tomorrow and the 85 birds that are in the fly pen will clock as they come back in during the day. The group of 85 will be moving over to the next section and going outside sometime this next week.  I have 10 antenna's set up with 4 in the fly pen and 6 for the birds returning from outside so will be able to clock the birds as they move to the new section.

Thanks Kenny

6/16/17 Hello Everyone
      Congratulations to the Winners at 380 miles, McLaughin loft  and Ray Sackett
and for George Scott for Winning Average Speed this year. 
There were several very elite birds in this years Teams
I shipped about half of the birds out Wednesday and will ship the remaining out the first of the week. 
Let me no if you want your birds back have heard from most if you have winnings here I will take shipping from there
if you don't have prize money here I need postage then I will ship your bird. I would like to have them gone very soon,
I need to finish cleaning disinfecting and repainting the remaining sections of the loft for new birds.
We are working on getting payouts together will need a tax Id numbers from a few if you made over $600.
I do have your information if you won here in previous years.
We have started taking in new birds there are 88 already here. Everything is going well with them, have my 20' by 20'
fly pen up and the birds going in and out getting settled and learning how to trap. 
The new birds are added to  Wincompanion  they are currently mixed with the yearlings on the list and you can view them there.
Thanks Kenny

6/8/17 Good Morning,
       Everything is a go for Saturday. Weather  forecast have been changing all week and we are back to Saturday being a good day to fly The temp of the course for the birds will be in the high 60's and low 70's for the complete day we are looking at Sunny throughout the course. The winds are South West , South or West throughout the course.
It should be a fairly fast race on Saturday. It will be a much easier day for the birds to fly in!
Birds have come together and are ready to go! They will stay in now until the race to rest and fuel there tanks.
I know we are a long way from everyone but you are more than welcome to come to our place and enjoy the race.
As Always my wife will be fixing lots of great home cooked food for everyone to enjoy !
Thanks and Good Luck Saturday!
 The King Family

6/4/17 Hello Everyone,
     Congrats to the owners   DWI 62 AU 16 &  CCC 1373 IF 16  the first drop of a tough 300 miles with warmer temps than the birds have been used to and a 12-13 MPH head wind the later part of the course.
There is a super group of birds remaining here at the loft!!!  There is a good chance the 300 may turn out to be a tougher race than the 380 mile race this coming weekend June 10th. (Weather looks good at this point for the race will update you as we get closer). Birds are coming together after a tough 300. just 4 or 5 having a though time coming together. 
The new payouts are posted on the website in payouts.
I have visited with Terry Gilmore and this year I will be able to add new birds coming in to Wincompanion as they arrive before I had to remove all info from the previous year before I could start adding. He will remove the 2016 birds later on and making things much easier on my end. Have already added the new birds that have arrived and will enter them in a  extra clock so all I have to do is transfer data to the main clock when this season is over. Ready for my son Corey and his wife Jacqlyn to get here (Will be nice having good help here at the loft) it looks like it will be the first of August before they will be moving back to Idaho.  
Thanks Kenny

5/27/17 Hello Everyone,
      Everything looks good for Monday, It is going to be in the low 80's for only the second time this year. It should be fairly cool on most of the race course as it is over 6000 ft in Elevation all the way through Nevada . Just finished putting the birds in the clock and they handled great and are ready to go.  There are 2 birds that were lost some time ago and have returned  and  are OK to be shipped  HICA 730 and TENT 6385 If they do well I will cover there entry as they were not here when the owners paid for there other birds.
I do have a small group that I have not received entry on. If you want your bird to be able to win prize money they need to be paid for before the race. The only option is my paypal account at kennypigeons@hotmail.com. If you have any questions you can contact me tomorrow, I will be working on the Dairies but will try and keep my phone with me.
I will be hauling the birds out tomorrow night and over half of the drive in Nevada has no Phone service!
email or text are best but phone if needed email address is mentioned above and telephone is 208-329-0364
I have started receiving birds for next year.   I have a little more work to do  but will have 200 of my perches ready during this next week to hold new birds and more in the following weeks.
Thanks and good Luck Monday Kenny

5/23/17 Hello Everyone,
   Congrats to the owners of the first drop of 19 birds at 200 miles. Birds are looking very good after the first race at 200 miles. will get them out to Jackpot the next few days. Trying to get the rest of the race schedule figured out Plans are to  do the 300 mile race this next Monday May 29th as long as the weather is good. and the 380 mile race will be set for June 10th.  Still have to get through the remaining entry payments then will get you a rough draft of the payouts
Thanks Kenny