News Update


Have been trying to find a day to put the birds up at 300 miles. We were hoping today would work but there is a small window and one that is not worth risking flying the birds in. The race will either be a blow home or with the position of the high and low-pressure zones over Nevada, there is a fair chance of it being a smash race.

The Final race will not be happening June 1st.

We have set a new tentative date for the 380-Mile race for June 8th.

If you can still make it to the final race that would be great but if not we understand. The weather should be breaking up in the next 4-5 days. After that, we will get the 300-mile race in. 

Birds for the 2020 race have started coming in steadily. Once the 2019 race is over we will then be able to enter them into Wincompanion. Please fill out the Perch Entry Form (found on our website) and send it with the birds, along with the perch fees. The form helps us so much with inventorying your birds! If you have questions about free perches for the 2020 Race Series please contact us. 

Kenny and Corey  


High Desert Flyers,

Hope everyone is doing well. The birds are looking great. We would like to do a 40-mile toss before the 300-mile race if possible, weather dependent. The past week of weather has brought lots of rain. The upcoming week looks like more of the same. At this point, the best day looks like Friday for the 300-mile race. If Wednesday or Thursday clears up more they will go then. The birds have been loft flying when the weather has been cooperating. The good news about this weather is the birds should have a cool day to race in. 

The checks have slowed down coming in the mail so we will be working on figuring all of the money calculations over the next few days. 

Update for next years birds. Once the 2019 race season is over we will then be able to enter the 2020 birds into Wincompanion. Thanks for your patience!

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Congratulations to Joe Zarachowicz for having the first bird through the trap on the 200-miler, 1628-IF18-CCC. And having 4 of the top 20 spots. Also, congrats to Powerstroke Loft for having 3 of the top 20 spots. 

Here are a few fun facts about the 200-mile race that we would like to highlight. We sent 9 birds out that were a day or more late from the 125-mile activation race. 8 of those 9 made it home the same day from the 200-miler. Most within an hour of the first bird trapped. 1628-IF18-CCC didn't come home from the 125-mile race until the next day at noon and was the first bird to trap. The third bird through the trap didn't come home until the third day from the 125-mile activation race. You give the birds the rest they need and you never know what they can do!

The 300-mile race will be at some point next week hopefully. Not sure when as the weather forecast is quite terrible for the next 10 days. 

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Birds went up at 7 a.m. from McGill, Nevada. Clear skies at the release, slight 1-3 SW winds, and 44 degrees. Supposed to be some slight winds out of the south throughout the course. But at different spots when we stopped, the wind seems to be nonexistent. We have a lot of clouds, wind, and rain in the forecast for the next 10 days after today. So we didn't have too many options for days to race

A reminder first 20 through the trap win a Benjamin and this race counts towards average speed. Sorry, no drone video today. Best of luck to all!

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Birds are getting rested up and looking good. They enjoyed a bath on Friday and have been loft flying the last few days. We are looking at the 200-mile race being on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you to those who have PayPaled the Entry Fees or let us know that a check is on the way. We have added a page on the website called Race Course Map and Information. It gives you a little bit better picture of what your birds are encountering on the races. If you have ideas on what can be added to make it more descriptive please let us know.

Now is the time to address an important topic in One Loft Racing: Road Training. It has become increasingly popular to train to crap out of your birds in One Loft Racing once you have entered the race season. As we are ending Training Camp and started into Race Mode, we believe it is time to let the birds rest more as the distances get longer and tougher.

Over the past 20 years, I have had the pleasure of becoming good friends with several of the Top Pigeon racers of the past in North America and they have helped me obtain a very useful knowledge for getting birds ready for competition. I recently came across an interview from 10 years ago with one of the most famous Pigeon racers of our time,  Gaby Vandenabeele and his thoughts on getting birds prepared for the competition. Below are a few lines from the article about training in race season and a link to the entire article. This is a very informative article on getting your birds ready to compete. So if I'm wrong in resting more and road training less I'm in very good company!


"The widowers are split into two teams that will be raced every two weeks."

Gaby Vandenabeele says: “I race the normal classic widowhood without any extra motivation!  Widowers have not trained in between races anymore. They exercise twice a day for half an hour (no more) and “that’s it”! Rest is important in my lofts. All the pigeons get their food and water in their nest box, just to maintain the rest and not to create any conflict on the floor of the loft. I also aim to basket the pigeons in a calm and quiet manner.”

"I leave my widowers to exercise for a maximum of 30 minutes and then they are called in again. Every second or minute of extra exercise is only a waste of energy and then the racing condition will only deteriorate."

Full Article Here. This article is pulled from the book, The Duif Chronicles Volume 2. 

We believe the offseason is the time to push the birds hard and get them into shape. Once the Season starts it is time to rest and get them prepared for each race. Same ideas can be applied to world-class athletes. All of their hard work is put in during the offseason. 

Thanks and best of luck at the 200 miler!

Kenny and Corey


​High Desert Flyers,

Birds went out at 7:00 a.m, 35 degrees, sunny, and 5 to 8 mile an hour West winds. Nice day to race and there are some nice birds in that group. A reminder now is the time to get in your Race Entry Fee Money. Once your birds get home today please get that money in the mail or Paypal us. It is $150 per bird. We don't take any of the prize money out to pay us. It all goes back out to you the flyer. So please don't be that flyer that waits to send money after the 200-mile race. You have only hurt the prize pot for every other person who paid on time. We are excited to be at the races finally. The plan is to do the 200-mile race in about a week. We will have that posted on Wincompanion when we have a day figured out. 

If you are getting ready to send us birds please either email, text or call to let us know you have some on the way. Don't forget to vaccinate your birds and not to overcrowd them in shipping boxes. Also, don't forget to fill out the form we have online when you ship your birds to us. 

As for getting next years birds logged into Wincompanion, we are still talking with Terry to figure out a way to do that. With this year's race still going on and new birds coming in, there are a few obstacles to overcome. As for now, we will be recording everything on an excel sheet and once the races are over than we will get next years birds in Wincompanion. 

Any questions please let us know. Thanks and best of luck to all! 

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Next stop...... The 125-Mile Activation race. It will probably be mid-week, the day will be weather dependent. We will post when the race will be on Wincompanion. We did another drone video today. I switched the drone to sport mode which means it can go up to 40 miles an hour. With that, it is a lot more squirrely. I started off okay but then I lost them on my phone screen. I need lots more practice. It will be fun to follow them for a mile or two someday. Drone Video.

Loft will be ready this week for birds. Hope you all enjoy the coming week. 

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Quick update. Birds are resting today and tomorrow. The plan is to take them 75 miles on Friday. Yesterday's toss was a good one. It was overcast and it made the birds think a little more.  We released the hens and then the cocks. We forgot to start the clock yesterday so when we got home most of the hens were trapped. So we had to kick them back out to clock them. That attributed to the slow clock times yesterday. 

The other 40 mile tosses don't be alarmed by the groups that are clocking later. We have a group of birds that love to fly. They are coming home, flying more, and we have lots of small groups tripping. Look at the times and you will see if your bird is grouping up and traveling with other birds. Typically the winner of the 380-mile race comes from the birds that are in those later groups. 

As you get ready to ship birds please look over our shipping suggestion page on our website. A few things we highly recommend: Vaccinate before, preferably get in a booster shot before as well, don't overcrowd your boxes (often ruins the birds if you do so), and send birds that are around 50 days old is what we prefer. As the weather heats up, health issues become a bigger and bigger problem, so please do what you can so we can get your birds to the races. Please let us know via email, text or phone call when you ship birds. Also, get us the tracking number so we can check on the arrival status too. Text is probably the most efficient form of communication. 

Loft addition is coming along. It is a crazy time of year. 

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

We were going to take the birds out 40 miles again today but the winds stopped that from happening. The winds were between 20-30 MPH this morning. So instead we sorted the birds and did inventory. Those are posted on Wincompanion and those records should include all the birds unless we get another late bird or two back. We will change the sexes in Wincompanion here shortly. Birds will be separated the rest of the season and flown to the perch. A simple form of widowhood. For the 125 Mile Activation Race, that will be at some point during the first full week of May. The plan is to get them out 40 miles every day possible and to get two 75 mile tosses in before the activation race. Overall the birds are looking really good. It has been fun flying them. 

As for this next year's race, how is it the 1st of May this coming week already? We will have a form for you to fill out and ship with the birds. It is under the FORMS page. It will be useful for us in helping track the birds. We are still trying to work out whether or not we can post next years birds on Wincompanion before this year's race is complete. We will keep you posted on that. Any questions please let us know. 

We did a drone video yesterday. The birds broke fast for home and I am new at running it so I couldn't keep up like I was hoping. It gives you a nice view of the Jackpot area we release them at. The elevation is just at a mile from that release point. The videos will get better. We are learning as we go. Just wanting to give you a better view of the awesome terrain your birds get to fly in. Drone Video. Any ideas of what you would like to see more of please let us know.

Also, if you aren't' receiving email updates and would like too. Please go to our contact page and subscribe for email updates there. Thanks.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

We have updated how we are emailing. We are now utilizing MailChimp which should be very helpful. Hopefully no more blocked emails. If you are annoyed by our emails, I am fairly certain you can unsubscribe at the bottom. 

Birds went 20 miles today. Tomorrow is supposed to be scattered thunderstorms and wind gust up 35 mph. If that weather prediction holds, road training shall resume on Monday. The group broke home really fast today. Once I double checked to make sure all the birds were out of the trailer, I then looked to the skies and couldn't find them. 

We will try and get some videos of the training tosses with our drone and get those posted on the YouTube Channel. 

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

We have been having problems sending out emails the past month. Lots have been getting blocked. We are working on resolving the problem. Thank you for your patience. 

Training has been going well. Every day where it is nice enough to get the birds out we will. There have been a few days where the clouds, wind or even both are too much. Overall birds are looking great. From the 10 mile spot, we have lots of birds that are tripping from this distance. They will come home and then disappear up to hours at a time. Just a reminder look at the times your birds are trapping. If they are coming in with a large group that means they have been out exploring with their comrades. At this point in the game if your bird isn’t trapping with the first group that is probably a good thing. That means they are getting more flight time and they enjoy flying. The 10-mile location is a great spot on the hills to the south of the loft where they have an awesome view of the valley. We will be taking them 15 miles this morning.

The 380 Mile Race will be June 1st. You are more than welcome to come join in on the festivities. Hope to see you there if possible. Food will be provided. Let us know if you plan on attending so that we can have enough food.

Avian Veterinary Dr. Arnaud Van Wettere from Utah State University will be there to do a presentation on bird health. He is very knowledgeable and brings lots of good information to the table. Will post times of when to come later on.

As a reminder, we are accepting birds for 2020 starting May 1st and ending on August 1. Our new addition is in progress and should be ready for the youngsters starting the beginning of May.  

Thanks for letting us fly your birds.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

We have started the road training process. Those are posted on Wincompanion. The weather has been holding us up a bit today and next couple days. High winds 30-40 mph range. The goal is the first week or so of May to do the 125-mile activation race. Again this is the most enjoyable part of the whole process, flying and training your birds. Pigeons are an amazing athlete and watching what they do never cease to amaze me.

We have had an unwelcome visitor a couple of days at the loft this past week. Unfortunately, it has taken a liking to hunting your birds. The bird of prey has gotten two that we know of. We will be extra careful when flying the birds and keep an extra good lookout. It’s very frustrating to see your birds taken out by a predator.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Since the last update birds have been out every day but three. Those three days were either rainy or wind held them in. As we get further into spring, the wind is typically the biggest feature of mother nature that we have to look out for. For loft flying, if the winds are higher than 15 mph we typically keep them locked in. Gusts can be much higher during those days. Birds are flying for an hour plus. After an hour we open the loft and call them in. About 100 come in right away. And the rest choose to either fly an extra 15 minutes or up to an extra hour and a half. There are typically about 100 that fly for two plus hours. We have a few who seem to wander off and then come back at the end of the day.

We got the birds out 1 mile on Sunday. We will continue getting the birds out and down the road. We typically ease the birds in with many short tosses. Birds are on course to be ready for the races in May. Overall they are looking really good. April and May are the really fun months of caring for your birds. They are shredding up the skies.  

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Good weather, lots of flying = Birds coming into form. Yesterday, 3/22, the birds flew for 48 minutes. Around 200 of the birds flew for 1.5 hours. We have posted a few loft flys on Wincompanion. Those numbers should be up to date and should be pretty darn accurate. By the end of this next week, we would like to start getting in short tosses. We are looking forward to this upcoming race season.

We are starting construction on a new section of loft to better house and care for the birds. It will be 24’ * 16’. Will add pictures periodically. Also, as a reminder, we changed our acceptance dates to May 1st - August 1st. August has been an unfriendly month the past several years.

Thanks for trusting us with your birds. We hope we have some good tough races that test your bird’s abilities. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns let us know.

Kenny and Corey


The weather forecast is starting to look promising. Weather will be hitting in the 50’s and a few days in the low 60’s. The past 5 days we have had great weather other than yesterday, 20-30 mile an hour winds with gusts up to 50. We have had the birds out every day other than that. Most birds are starting to fly for 15+ minutes. We have the bottom 10% that are struggling to fly for a few minutes. Birds overall are looking good and should come into form rather quickly.

Kenny and Corey

3 /7/2019

High Desert Flyers,

We had the birds out for the first time on Saturday, 3/2/2019. We are in the midst of some more weather, clouds, and rain. We will be very selective on the days we choose to get the birds out for the first half dozen times. Watching them the first few times out can be scary as they start to get their wings back underneath them. This weekend looks as though we should start to have clearer skies and nicer weather.

Kenny and Corey 


High Desert Flyers,

The past week has brought multiple snow storms, the temperature hasn’t reached above freezing until yesterday. But hope is in the air. It looks as though this next week should start warming up, but rain is in the forecast nearly every day. If temperatures are 40 or higher, no snow, and clear skies,  we will start getting the birds out again.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

It has been a miserable past week here weather-wise. It feels like January. We have had multiple snow storms and some cold weather. The worst part is the forecast is still showing lousy weather until the first of March. Hope that changes. We added a little more information to the OLR Shipping Suggestions page. 

Kenny and Corey 


High Desert Flyers,

Just when we were hoping Spring was coming early we got hit with another cold spell. The previous week we had some beautiful weather. Tuesday we had a cold front come in and with it came some snow. Looking at the forecast it looks as though it will be lasting at least the next ten plus days. Once it is passed this will hopefully be the last bout of really cold weather we have and we will start loft flying again. Hope your breeding season is off to a good start. Best of luck in raising the next group of champions.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Quick Update. Birds are still on lockdown. We have had a few nice days in a row here in Idaho. The birds think its springtime! Unfortunately, history says that we should be having at least one more cold spell come through. We will continue to monitor the weather to determine whether or not we start some loft flying. Last year the last two weeks of February were below freezing and many days of snow. All that aside we are excited to get the birds back in the air.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Hope you are all enjoying the winter weather! Not much to update other than the birds are eating, pooping a lot, and the males are starting to act more like cocks. We have had some snow and rain in the past week. Today was a rainy day but it was warm!  On another note, for 2020, we are going to change acceptance dates from May 1st - August 1st. The reason for the change is we have had a pretty significant increase in health issues with birds received in August and into September the last few years. Hoping to alleviant those problems. We will also be expanding and adding more loft sections this spring, 4 sections that are each 8 foot by 12 foot.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Hope the New Year has treated you right thus far. Time with family and friends is always nice.

Birds have continued to be on lockdown. Until Sunday, the past two weeks were cold for us in Idaho. We didn’t get above 25 degrees. We have also had several different snow storms bring in some snow. Most snow has been melted the past two days. The hope is by mid-February to have consistently decent weather so that we can start getting the birds back out.

The current inventory on wincompanion is up to date. We did inventory this weekend. All the birds that are currently on the lost list are eligible for free perches next year. Going forward lost birds will not be eligible for free perches. That is it for now.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Birds have been locked up all month. It gets boring just cleaning up their fecal matter without getting to fly them. We have updated the About Us page if you haven’t read that yet, it tells a little bit about us. We will have a PayPal, Pay Now link available on the website soon. Updates will continue to be added to the website throughout the year. Hope all is well and an early Merry Christmas to all.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Winter is here. We had our first snow this weekend. Birds haven’t been out since 11/26 due to the weather we have had. If we have snow on the ground we don’t let the birds out. The reason being birds of prey. In the past, we noticed a correlation with snow and hawk problems.

In other news, we have made connections with an excellent Aviarian Vet who is located at Utah State University. He has his own pigeons and is very knowledgeable about what is currently going on in the pigeon world. His name is Dr. Arnaud Van Wettere. If you ever need your birds tested for health issues, you can send them to the Utah State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab. They have a website. Because of state funding, the cost is very affordable. For 1-3 birds, it would cost between $60-75. Could be a great resource if you need it. I think that is all for now.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

The bad weather is coming here in Idaho. Birds have been cooped up 4 out of the past 6 days. I have the new trapping system set up and the birds used it Sunday and Monday. Still working out a few kinks before I can post the loft flying on Wincompanion. Should be an easy fix though. Rainy and snowy days in the forecast. As long as we can get the birds out consistently we will continue to loft fly and train here and there.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

We almost have everything set up to keep you up to date with your birds. Last weekend I finished putting all the Ebands on the birds. And yesterday I did a hand inventory of the birds looking for any errors. We clocked in 502 birds, which is on Wincompanion, and most everything should be correct. I will do another hand inventory later to double check all the Ebands. I will get a list of lost birds out soon. Remember that all birds lost until we haul them down the road get a redeemable free perch for next year. We will have that list posted on our website or Wincompanion.

After doing the inventory yesterday, I loaded them up in the trailer and hauled them out in our field. I posted a video on our YouTube channel of your birds taking off from the trailer for the first time. You can go to our YouTube channel or you can click here to watch it.

I loaded your birds up again today and hauled them to another field a few hundred yards away. The weather the last week has been amazing in the afternoons. Your birds are looking great. My own birds never loft fly as well as yours. I released them at 12:30 today, everyone but a couple flew an hour plus, and there was a group of approximately 60 that flew till 5:00. I kid you not. 

Once I build a new trapping system to hold the TauRIS sensors we will take them down the road a mile and post the list of lost birds for you all. That is all we have for now. Thanks for your patience.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Quick update on where things are at. The birds were on lockdown for a week and a half due to weather; which included lots of wind and some rain. The birds have been back out the past three days. Overall, the birds are looking great. They flew 40+ minutes this evening.

Inventory………... that process has started. I got halfway done last weekend after working on it Saturday and Sunday. Before I started, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to complete it in a weekend. Boy was I wrong. During inventory, we are putting the birds electronic band on, worming, and inspecting each bird. My hope is to have it done this weekend. Once inventory is done then the plan is to perhaps get a toss or two in if the weather holds up. So at this point we have just loft flown. Hope all is well where you are at.

Kenny and Corey King


Hello High Desert Flyers,

Time is going too fast. We are hoping to have another month or so of good weather for the birds. We have all the birds finally mixed and flying. Our last group of pigeons, received from 8/15-9/15, have been out a total of eight times now. Saturday evening I was flying the birds in the evening hours, the morning was raining. And we had a group of approximately 60 pigeons literally flying until it was dark. The crazy part was they had flown for over 2.5 hours. I had personally never seen birds fly so long for an evening flight.  When loft flying, the range of minutes flown is wide at this point, some are flying 15 minutes, where some are flying for a couple of hours. Most pigeons are flying around the hour mark. If the weather holds up the goal is to get them down the road a few times.

We have received the new clocking system, TauRIS. Once we figure out the ropes, we will get all the birds electronically banded and everything updated in Wincompanion. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

We are finished receiving birds for the 2019 season. A big thanks to those who have sent to us for the this upcoming year. Within the next couple weeks our goals are to get the last group of birds up in the air. They are currently enjoying the fly pen. The birds are in three groups right now. The oldest group is flying around the loft for 30+ minutes. The middle group is currently free lofting and the last group is in the fly pen. Before winter hits, if the weather holds up, we will get the birds in condition and get a few tosses in before they are shut down for the winter.

We just received the TauRIS clock today. We will soon be in the process of getting the clock set up, along with the birds.

We are trying to condense our 2 and 4 bird shipping boxes. If you are interested please contact us and we will give you a screaming deal.

I think that is all we have for updates currently.

Kenny and Corey.


High Desert Flyers,

We have most of the birds back in Wincompanion that were deleted. We have about a dozen birds that we couldn’t find a papertrail for. So please check wincompanion to see if your team is there. If you sent birds and they are not in wincompanion, please email us a list with the birds you sent. This just applies to people who sent birds from 7/27 - 8/ 25. Thanks for your help.

If you haven’t sent birds this week and want to…… are in luck, as we are accepting birds another week. We have had several people contact us and asked if we would still take birds. As an FYI, the birds will be picked up in the afternoon as we have other obligations going on this coming week in the morning.

Overall the birds are doing well. The older ones have started moulting heavily. The youngest group we have added to loft flying is starting to kit and go on trips.

We have ordered the TaurIS clock and we should be getting that in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for making this the 9th year of the High Desert Yearling Classic.

Kenny and Corey


Pigeon Fanciers,

 After much debate, research, and inquiring we have finally decided to update our clocking system. We are switching from Unikon to the TauRIS. We will be ordering that this week. Once we have received the new clock and the bands we will get your birds updated with bands in Wincompanion.

This past week there was a mishap with Wincompanion. We were archiving last years races and deleting the birds from last year but in the process this years birds were deleted as well. Luckily all of this years birds were backed up until July 26. So just birds from this past month we have to re-enter back into the program. We should have most of the paperwork from what birds we have received and payments but if we end up reaching out to you to get that information that would be the reason. Thank you for your understanding.

September 1st is right around the corner, if you plan on sending please do so as this is the last week we are taking birds. Last week, we received about 80 birds. If you have some dire situation where you cannot get us birds this week please reach out to let us know and we will be able to work out an extension.

We haven’t being flying birds that last few days due to all the fires that have caused poor air quality. Things are clearing up and we will be getting the birds back up in the air tomorrow. Those of you who have sent birds thank you for letting us handle your birds for the year. Also, want to say thank you for sending us older young birds! We believe it has helped in keeping our overall health in great condition.

FYI: I found this video about one loft races in America. Pigeon Beat. The full episode is really well done and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers, 

Twice in a week, you all must be in shock. We have created a YouTube Channel. You can access it by visiting our website and clicking on YouTube, located at the top of our website. Or you can go to YouTube and search High Desert Yearling Classic. We have uploaded one video from the other day. More videos to follow. If you have ideas for videos of what you would like to see with your birds let us know. 

Kenny and Corey


High Desert Flyers,

Hope all is well where you are at. The summer is flying along. We have just over two weeks left for accepting birds. So if you are considering sending, please do! If you would like a tough race series, this is your race. We have lots of space left. The last few weeks have been quiet with receiving birds. We have approximately 450 pigeons.

In the last update I mentioned doing an inventory of birds. That will be happening soon! We are transitioning the fly pen birds to loft flying. Once they get settled we will do an inventory. Our apologizes on the late inventory. The oldest group of pigeons is doing very well. They are kitting together and spending 30+ minutes on the wing.

This past weekend Kenny and I were fortunate enough to be asked to judge a pigeon show for the Idaho Racing Pigeon Association. It was a lot of fun and we were able to handle a lot of nice pigeons. 


Kenny and Corey King


Hello Flyers,

       Hope the summer months are keeping you all occupied and out of trouble. And most importantly, you are all enjoying these months. Sorry for the long interval in between updates. Our new goal is to give updates weekly or bi-monthly, depending on where we are at during this year long adventure. The website will slowly get updated and new features will get added as well. Speaking of new features let me talk of a few we have put in the pipeline and hopefully they will happen sooner than later. 

1) Drone - we thought a drone would be an excellent way of getting footage of your birds to you. With that we will get a YouTube channel up and rolling.

2) Camera at Landing Board - That way you can watch your birds coming in during race day. 

             We approximately have 400 birds thus far. We have ONE more month of receiving birds, so please send us birds soon, if you plan on doing so. We have room for a lot more birds! The overall health of the birds has been great. The heat and birds from all parts of the USA can sometimes make the health of the pigeon a very delicate process. In the next week or so we will get an inventory done of the birds. That way if you have any missing birds you can get replacements sent in. 

          In terms of getting the birds trained, we have several stages that the birds are currently in. Some are loft flying while the newer birds are in our fly pen getting acquainted with their surroundings. More updates to follow. If you have legitimate questions, comments, concerns please email or call. Thank You for entrusting us with your birds for this upcoming year!

Kenny & Corey King

6/29/18 Hello Everyone

       We are finally catching up with everything here in Idaho. Have mailed all but a few of the checks out in the last few days. Just waiting on info on the remaining checks. There are about 30 old birds still here. If you are wanting your bird back let me know in the next week. We are close to 250 new birds here. The first 100 are outside and learning the surrounding area.

the remaining are in the fly pen and getting settled.  We are looking at upgrading our clocking system so it will be a little while before we get them on line. With my son Corey back and helping this year, it will be much easier with good help. He will be taking over most of the updates and computer work from now on. We are in the process of updating our website. Feel free to contact either one of us. 

When you send your new birds make sure they are 8 plus weeks old. With the fly pen it is not a problem on settling them a little older. With the heat coming the stronger there immune system is, the better chance we have of keeping them alive.

Thanks Kenny and Corey

6/2/18 Good Morning Everyone

       Birds went up at 7:15 this Morning it is a Great day for the final race the drivers report was 65 degrees at release and a 

light North or Head wind for them to start with all the reports throughout the course are Sunny clear and calm so it should be a great Race today the best birds will be at the top of the race sheet !!! This is my kind of race !

The birds were looking super last night when they were loaded!!! The loft is open for new birds we had 40 come in over the last few days and more coming this weekend!

Good Luck Everyone

Thanks Kenny and Family

5/31/18 Hello Everyone

   There is a rough draft of payouts posted !

Thanks Kenny

5/30/18 Hello Everyone

      It's a very busy time here, finishing up the 2018 season and getting ready for the 2019 birds. Birds are coming together and will be ready in a couple more days for the final race this Saturday. { had a issue today with one of the antennas and the clock missed a few birds} Weather reports keep improving for the race this weekend it should be a great day to fly the final race.

Sorry its taking me so long, Will finish payouts tonight and tomorrow morning and get them posted. There is just a little more cleaning to do and we will be ready for next years team that will start arriving in just a few days.

As always everyone is welcome on race day my wife always makes something excellent for everyone to eat and Always have a great time  visiting with old and new friends 

Thanks Kenny

5/23-18 Hello Everyone

       Everything is a go for tomorrow's race at 302 Miles It is to be sunny and and clear the winds are still light tail winds 

Just finishing things up at the loft will be leaving in a while and taking them to Bristol Wells Jct it is about 50 miles South of Lund, Nevada.

Plan on releasing at 7 A.M. 

Good Luck Everyone!

Thanks Kenny

5/22/18 Hello Everyone

      Our spring weather is lousy to try and fly birds there have been storms out on the course every day the pressure zones are not moving out so we just keep having the same thing rains everyday with light south winds.  loading birds as soon as I'm done righting this going out for a 40 mile toss this morning and will take them out 300 this Thursday it has sunny skies but still has light tail winds. Birds are ready to go just need the right days to fly them not going to waist a whole year of work and send them out on a bad day and loose them!

Thanks Kenny

5/15/18 Hello Everyone,

   Everything is a go for tomorrows Race have the birds hand loaded into the  clock and downloaded in Wincompanion there are 394 birds going to the first Race! They are looking and handling great! Just have to load the birds and go for a drive later tonight for a Sunup release at 200 miles. Just finished pulling the weather reports for the course and they have improved there is mainly Sun for the whole course for 6 to 8 hours they still have a light tail wind!  They have plenty of time to get home before the storms return.

Good Luck Everyone!!!

Thanks Kenny

5/13/18 Hello Everyone,

      Birds are ready  to go! But our Spring Rains are here making it tough to find a day for the first race. Have been getting them out to loft fly but almost every time rain has been coming in before getting them back into the loft.

Have been watching all weather stations along the course and there is to much rain Until Wednesday there is a open window but with a chance of rain once they get into the last 50 miles. Will keep hoping it stays or improves as far as winds they are all the same for the whole week coming from the south or south east from 4 to 8 MPH. making them tail winds not what I like but no other options, Weather should be good enough to get them to Jackpot in the morning so am planning on getting them at least that far tomorrow. will be tossing Hens and Cocks separate as they are going crazy now when they get together.

Have been receiving entry payments will work on getting them all entered.

On the 200 mile race we pay the first 20 birds in the clock $100 each

Will keep you updated .

Thanks Kenny

5/8/17 Hello Everyone,

    The birds went out Monday and did well at 125 Miles. It was a great feeling seeing the first drop of 50 birds coming into the loft and lots more right behind. Just Remember were still in sprints races by the last race it takes a bird that has great stamina and endurance to get home from 380 miles across Nevada!  Entry fees are now due at $150 per bird for All day Birds! It has always been my policy that the owners of the second day birds get to wait until the 200 mile race before activating them if they preform  up to the owners standard.  Make Checks out to Kingsview Loft Inc.  Address is: 3057E 3400N Twin Falls,  Idaho 83301

I do Have a Paypal account at:   . If you send this way make sure you send it through family and friends and if payed out of a bank account there should be no fees.  If you pay with a credit card there is a fee of almost 3% and you need to pay the fees as all money coming in for entry fees is payed back out. Any questions email or text me.

Plan on going out to the 200 mile Race next Monday if weather is good so get the birds paid for before Next Monday!!!

We will be opening the loft up for new birds June 2nd the same day as the final 380 mile race! For those that had birds lost prior to road training and the bird had a paid perch there is a free perch for that bird for the 2019 season. 

We are leaving our perch fees the same as they have been for several years $100 per bird for 5 or less and Once you hit 6 birds it drops to $90 per bird (6 for $540) for all birds on that team. Making us one of the most affordable races and we keep them for the whole year and offer free perches for lost birds!!!  Like I have always said it is about finding the best of the best! not about the  all mighty dollar!

Thanks Kenny

5/6/17 Hello Everyone,

       Birds will be going out and released at 125 miles Ruby Jct. 7A.M.  Mtn. time. May the 7th, Monday. Weather looks good it is partly cloudy with 5 to 7 west Side winds until they get into Idaho then the wind will be picking up to around 15 MPH West. Good Luck Everyone!

Thanks Kenny

5/1/18 Hello Everyone

      The birds did well today on the 75 mile toss, they had Sunny calm skies for 50 miles until they made it back into Idaho then they had clouds and light rains the rest of the way in.  From Jackpot Nv. area releases. I have to take the birds around a Mountain range and they have to fly around or over  the top to get home.

Plan on taking them back out Thursday to 75 miles and releasing them there again.

The next time they go out will be the 125 Activation race. Hoping to do it either Sunday or Monday. but early weather forecasts are calling for possible rain will watch the weather forecast and make the call then.

Have been working on getting emails updated if your not receiving one yet. let me know by emailing me yours

Thanks Kenny


4/30/18 Hello Everyone

      Will be loading the birds early in the morning and taking them out to Wine Cup Ranch 75 Miles plan on releasing shortly after sunup at 6:45 all birds will be up together. 

Thanks Kenny

4/29/19 Hello

         Weather forecast is calling for rain showers Monday  and 20 mph wind 

right know Tuesday looks fine. will update if it changes.

Birds will go up shortly after sunup!

Thanks Kenny

4/28/18  Hello Everyone,

      Birds are looking Great have several tosses from 40 miles. It took forever to get weather good enough to fly the birds in. We have had 2 great weeks to fly them. On the tosses now they are home before we can get back from releasing them.

I keep them feed up so trapping on short tosses does not happen A lot of the super birds are out and flying for extended periods of time. Training tosses are for me prepare the birds for the races at a longer distance. The Cocks and Hens are know separated while they are in the loft it is very time consuming!  but has to be done to give all the birds  time to focus on racing!

Next week they will  be getting 2 tosses from 75 miles and if Weather stays good in 7 or 8 days May 5th or 6th  will go to The 125 Mile activation race. There is only one week to get the entries payed before the first race!!! The first Race at 200 Miles will  be May 14 or 15 Monday or Tuesday. The 300 Mile Race is Scheduled for May 21 or 22 depending  on weather

The final Race will be 2 weekends later on Saturday June 2nd from 380 miles. For those not from this area, this course is through lots of high mountain  ranges through Nevada even on tosses past 10 miles the releases are from elevation of a mile high to over 6000 ft  on the valley floors The birds have to make lots of critical decisions that will affect there flight home.

 Sorry I don't spend very much time dealing with all this new technology but by the end of most days I am ready for a good home cooked meal and bed. I know I don't get enough updates sent out  but would rather spend my time where it counts working with all  animals in my world from birds, cows, Ect.  My kids set a face book account up for me and I have still not found enough free time to set down  and figure out how to use it.

Thanks for letting me enjoy working with all the super BIRDS in the loft again this year.

Its not about the money involved in a one loft race its about the super birds that we get to Fly and find the elite ones.

Thanks Kenny 


4/19/18 Hello Everyone,

         Have the birds coming together they are flying well and on tosses are breaking straight for home even in small groups!

 Will do a couple 25 mile tosses and then on out  into Nevada this next week.  Most tosses from know on will be one release!

On the short tosses they are coming home and flying for extended periods so clocking order means nothing.

Thanks Kenny

3/14/18 Hello Everyone,

          Weather is starting to improve. The birds are healthy and are enjoying flying. We are getting the birds out and loft flying most days. The last time they all flew for at least 50 minutes  so it will not take much more time to get them ready to start road training. Will get the clock up and running soon. Plan on getting a hand inventory done very soon and make sure all bands are working. Will be updating everyone as we get everything going.

Thanks Kenny 

3/5/18 Hello Everyone,

                We are still waiting on winter to leave.  With some luck we will be up and going in the next few weeks

Will up date everyone as soon as we get things up and going

Thanks Kenny

2/5/18 Hello Everyone,

       Everything is good here in Twin Falls, Idaho. We have been on Holiday for the last couple weeks with some of our kids and our 2 grand kids enjoying much warmer weather and sandy beaches. Birds are healthy but are out of condition know, We have had them locked down since the middle of December waiting for weather good enough to let them outside. This next week we are going to be above normal and should be able to let them out and start building them back up,

With some luck we won't have to keep them in for any extended periods for the rest of the season. It is always a challenging time trying to get this many birds back up and flying trying to keep them from getting injured and flying for extended periods of time!

The inventory is very close to what was in the clock last time they went down the road. Once we get them back up and flying we will work on getting a new hand inventory on the birds there is no hurry as we still have plenty of time before we need to start road training,   We don't get into our races until May!!!

Thanks Kenny

12/5/17 Hello Everyone

    We completed a hand inventory on the 3rd and have the birds all up for a good hour flying so we are going to get some short tosses done on the birds. We will be starting them at 3 miles and working them on out as long as the weather holds 524st years we are done trying to fly the birds by this time. We are mostly sunny and clear with highs in the upper 30's and ows in the teens this week with no snow in the forecast. Will try and post some of the tosses. Majority of the birds are flying for long periods of time so there will be in no hurry to trap so don't pay attention to when they trap the later birds in the results will be out and flying around the loft. My clock is set up with 10 antenna's and multiple power boosters and with all the connections I  need to take it all down and clean up all connections  this is something I do when I start up in the spring.

There may be a few times one of the antennas does not work and some of the birds will not be on the list for a toss.  

Thanks Kenny

10/22/17 Hello Everyone

       Things are going well at the loft.  We are getting ready to take the fly pen down and put the last of the birds outside and get them up and flying. We are planning on getting some short tosses done as soon as possible if the weather allows. I will be holding back any bird I don't feel is ready to go out at that time. We will get a new inventory done just before road training. The free perches that we give will be on missing birds at that time.  Wincompanion is all updated and last years birds are removed. If there is anything that is not correct please let me know so I can get it corrected.

Thanks Kenny

9/9/17 Hello Everyone,

        Just completed a hand inventory of all birds in the loft and have updated Wincompanion the inventory is listed in training there are 489 birds in the list with  more arriving today.  We are still taking birds and have several more to come in

We are going to extend receiving birds a couple weeks through the end of September we have several with young birds that are not quiet ready to send and we are the last loft that is still taking birds. There is still plenty of room in the loft. Check your teams if you have anything missing you can send a replacement or  there will be a free perch for next years race.  If you have any questions contact me.

If there is something that I have incorrect in Wincompanion let me know so I can correct it.

  Birds are doing well minimal health issues this year.  Birds are out flying every day that is good.

Thanks Kenny

8/17/17 Hello Everyone,

       Everything is going smooth this year minimal health issues weather has been great, birds are settling well and are getting into the air and loving to fly. There was a hand inventory taken the first part of last week so check your teams if you are missing anything send a replacement or if you don't have a replacement you will get a free perch next season.

 I release the older birds know and they start tripping and are disappearing  for periods of time know. We have moved another  group outside a few days ago and they are getting settled as soon as they are settled well, we will get a new inventory for everyone. We are over 400 here know. and have one more month to receive birds there is still plenty of room in the loft.

Thanks Kenny

8/3/17 Hello Everyone,

         Birds are doing well! We are somewhere in the mid 300's now. There is still over a month to send birds as we will be taking birds in until mid September.  I am working on getting a new accurate inventory done again, have most all the missing birds listed in lost birds, all 2017 birds are in black and last years birds (2016) are in red, hope to get it completed sometime in the next week as time allows. Will update everyone as soon as I get inventory finished.

Chic Clayton is traveling to the Salt Lake area this weekend and would haul your birds back if you would

contact him at 208-249-1500. 

Thanks Kenny

7/13/17 Hello Everyone,

          Just a fast update for everyone!  The new birds are doing well have brought in over 60 in the last 2 days alone,
taking the total to 260 plus, have had to treat very few birds for health issues and the few I have have treated have came right back around. The second group is outside so about 170 loft flying know.
Plan on getting a hand inventory to see what is missing for sure I have just a few not in the clock so almost all of the second group settled well. Will let the owners of the missing know so they can send replacements if they have them.
Will update you as soon as the next inventory is done
Thanks Kenny

7/3/17 Hello Everyone,

                Almost Everyone should have received your checks. I have a couple left to mail out today and 
last years Races will be history.
For those of you that have free perches coming and want to know how many you have. There are free perches
for all birds with paid perches that didn't get listed In Wincompanion last year. To see if your bird was here or not just go into birds and lost birds if they aren't in either you have a free perch. any questions just call me at 208-329-0364  
if I'm busy I will call you back.
Everything has been going really smooth so far for the new birds. I have received over 175 the first month with over
2 months to bring in birds, I will take birds until September 16th.  Fees are the same as last year.  Perch fees: 
less than 6 birds is $100 each and 6 and over are $90 Each Entry fees are $150 after the 125 mile activation race.
I just completed a hand inventory of Group 1 the birds out and flying  there were 85 in this group and as of this morning 81 are still here and out and flying. the current list is loaded in Wincompanion under training!!!
All birds are still here in the second group.
Thanks Kenny

6/22/17 Hello Everyone

         Have sent out all the birds that I believe everyone wanted, have a couple to go to Idaho and Utah will keep the remaining for a little longer just in case.
Have most of the figures together and will work on getting everything completed next week and checks mailed!

Will be busy at the Dairies the next several days!
The birds for the 2018 race are looking good have not had to deal with any health problems to this point.
Have received 100 so far and more coming in tomorrow.
Transferred all the information to the clock for the 2018 race birds and just finished going through the birds 2 times to make sure all bands were working and correct! There are 98 of the 100 here. contacted both of the owners of the 2 birds 

They are listed in Wincompanion in the Race Category will activate the clock tomorrow and the 85 birds that are in the fly pen will clock as they come back in during the day. The group of 85 will be moving over to the next section and going outside sometime this next week.  I have 10 antenna's set up with 4 in the fly pen and 6 for the birds returning from outside so will be able to clock the birds as they move to the new section.

Thanks Kenny

6/16/17 Hello Everyone
      Congratulations to the Winners at 380 miles, McLaughin loft  and Ray Sackett
and for George Scott for Winning Average Speed this year. 
There were several very elite birds in this years Teams
I shipped about half of the birds out Wednesday and will ship the remaining out the first of the week. 
Let me no if you want your birds back have heard from most if you have winnings here I will take shipping from there
if you don't have prize money here I need postage then I will ship your bird. I would like to have them gone very soon,
I need to finish cleaning disinfecting and repainting the remaining sections of the loft for new birds.
We are working on getting payouts together will need a tax Id numbers from a few if you made over $600.
I do have your information if you won here in previous years.
We have started taking in new birds there are 88 already here. Everything is going well with them, have my 20' by 20'
fly pen up and the birds going in and out getting settled and learning how to trap. 
The new birds are added to  Wincompanion  they are currently mixed with the yearlings on the list and you can view them there.
Thanks Kenny

6/8/17 Good Morning,
       Everything is a go for Saturday. Weather  forecast have been changing all week and we are back to Saturday being a good day to fly The temp of the course for the birds will be in the high 60's and low 70's for the complete day we are looking at Sunny throughout the course. The winds are South West , South or West throughout the course.
It should be a fairly fast race on Saturday. It will be a much easier day for the birds to fly in!
Birds have come together and are ready to go! They will stay in now until the race to rest and fuel there tanks.
I know we are a long way from everyone but you are more than welcome to come to our place and enjoy the race.
As Always my wife will be fixing lots of great home cooked food for everyone to enjoy !
Thanks and Good Luck Saturday!
 The King Family

6/4/17 Hello Everyone,
     Congrats to the owners   DWI 62 AU 16 &  CCC 1373 IF 16  the first drop of a tough 300 miles with warmer temps than the birds have been used to and a 12-13 MPH head wind the later part of the course.
There is a super group of birds remaining here at the loft!!!  There is a good chance the 300 may turn out to be a tougher race than the 380 mile race this coming weekend June 10th. (Weather looks good at this point for the race will update you as we get closer). Birds are coming together after a tough 300. just 4 or 5 having a though time coming together. 
The new payouts are posted on the website in payouts.
I have visited with Terry Gilmore and this year I will be able to add new birds coming in to Wincompanion as they arrive before I had to remove all info from the previous year before I could start adding. He will remove the 2016 birds later on and making things much easier on my end. Have already added the new birds that have arrived and will enter them in a  extra clock so all I have to do is transfer data to the main clock when this season is over. Ready for my son Corey and his wife Jacqlyn to get here (Will be nice having good help here at the loft) it looks like it will be the first of August before they will be moving back to Idaho.  
Thanks Kenny

5/27/17 Hello Everyone,
      Everything looks good for Monday, It is going to be in the low 80's for only the second time this year. It should be fairly cool on most of the race course as it is over 6000 ft in Elevation all the way through Nevada . Just finished putting the birds in the clock and they handled great and are ready to go.  There are 2 birds that were lost some time ago and have returned  and  are OK to be shipped  HICA 730 and TENT 6385 If they do well I will cover there entry as they were not here when the owners paid for there other birds.
I do have a small group that I have not received entry on. If you want your bird to be able to win prize money they need to be paid for before the race. The only option is my paypal account at If you have any questions you can contact me tomorrow, I will be working on the Dairies but will try and keep my phone with me.
I will be hauling the birds out tomorrow night and over half of the drive in Nevada has no Phone service!
email or text are best but phone if needed email address is mentioned above and telephone is 208-329-0364
I have started receiving birds for next year.   I have a little more work to do  but will have 200 of my perches ready during this next week to hold new birds and more in the following weeks.
Thanks and good Luck Monday Kenny

5/23/17 Hello Everyone,
   Congrats to the owners of the first drop of 19 birds at 200 miles. Birds are looking very good after the first race at 200 miles. will get them out to Jackpot the next few days. Trying to get the rest of the race schedule figured out Plans are to  do the 300 mile race this next Monday May 29th as long as the weather is good. and the 380 mile race will be set for June 10th.  Still have to get through the remaining entry payments then will get you a rough draft of the payouts
Thanks Kenny