PRIZE TOTALS - $75,000

(Based on 500 entries)

  • 200 miles for average speed
  • 300 miles - $22,500.00 1st drop plus clocking order 
  • 380 miles - $37,500.00 1st drop plus clocking order
  • Average Speed - $15,000.00 - 6 positions in descending amounts
  • If large drop, Payout go's to top 10% in the clock of birds going to each race  

2015  Yearling Race Season 

Start Making Plans to send to the 2015 Races

  • Plans include 200, 300 & 380 mile race series in May & June as Yearlings.
  • Come watch our 2014 race season on our web site: http://www.highdesertyearlingclassic.net    
  • Accepting birds and replacements  June 1, 2014  until Sept. 
  • Perch Fee: $100 Each OR 6 for $540.Perch Fee due with birds  
  •  Non-refundable.
  • Entry Fee:  $150.00 per bird. 100 % PAID BACK IN PRIZE MONEY.  Due after first 125 mile training toss.  If your bird doesn't go to the 200 miler, you will be refunded your entry fee.  If bird returns from 125 mile activation race and entries are unpaid you are welcome to send again but perch & entry fees are due before new birds arrive & free perches are void.
  • Training will begin in the fall with as many tosses as weather will allow and will resume in the spring.
  • All birds will be quarantined and vaccinated upon arrival.
  • Birds remain property of the Breeder and are returned for the actual cost of postage from the Post Office.
  • Any bird lost prior to road training in the fall receives a free perch for the next season!
  • Added bonus: If there are 24+ birds from a club sent to our race, MVRPC will donate 2 perch fees to that clubs fund raiser for the next season. ( let us know if you meet this requirement) 
  • Ship entries to Kenny King  or Dave Anderson (contact info below)

Please make checks to: Kingsview Loft Inc.  

Kenny King

(208) 329-0364

3057 E. 3400 N.

Twin Falls, ID 83301



Contact Information

All inquiries welcome!

2015 Race Rules